Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Soap Corner Liquid Soap in Lily and Lavender

Hello all,

it's officially August now, wow, times does fly when you're having fun, especially when July has holidays ^__^

|As August comes another product has made it through my Hot Stuff of the Month, and this month, it wont be just one item, a whole series of toiletries by The Soap Corner.


Why? As simple as NO Paraben and NO SLS. Added by local hand made products, custom made, and very wide variety. You can have it as a bar, liquid, any scent you like (in their selections), and function. Each comes with its own benefit.


This time, I'm having it my way, a liquid soap that comes in a very scented formula. Yes, you can order yours in no scent, mild, medium or strong. Since I love flowers and fruits, oh well, I love everything that smells nice, I choose Lily and Lavender. Rie, the owner of The Soap Corner, made it just as I ask her to, in strong scent.


The review,

love it! The soap is gentle to the skin with that same lovable formula that doesn't contain paraben, sls nor sles. I know there's so much bar soaps out there that she has made into cute forms such as cupcakes, lego, and even animals. But liquid has always been my choice in terms of practicality. As the scents is made by order has added her points by far. It can get as personal as possible. I've used it again and again in these past few days and the fragrance is pretty strong, they'll last for hours and hours, if only Rie make lotions too heehee (yes, it is a written request). I can have the a perfect duo for daily usage in the same scents, it will last longer and stronger.


Thank you so much The Soap Corner.

Stay tune for more reviews and products from The Soap Corner for this whole month and hopefully months to come.

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