Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kracie Extra Moist Mask

Hi everybody,

here is a facial mask from Hadabisei Kracie for that extra moist effect on the skin.


The product is so easy to use, just tear it up and put it on a clean and dry skin. You may also add some serums to be used with the mask for a more pampering effect. It can be an anti aging serum, moisturizing, or the ones with soothing and calming effect.


Click on any image for better view regarding the details, such as the ingredients list. I think this is my favorite mask from Kracie since my skin is always dry lately and extra moist effect is what I need.


With Royal Jelly and Hyaluronic Acid the product claims to pamper the skin from signs of aging, keep the skin moist for a soft and fresh look.


My say:

Totally agree on the moist effect, I really like how it instantly make my skin plumped again, especially on the cheeks area that has been dry lately.

The cottony mask also so soft to the touch and friendly to the skin when used.

Most mask usually makes the skin dryer for the absorb-back effect when left too long on the skin. So it made the skin dryer, make sure you put them on 10-15 minutes only or take it off when the mask feels dry.


This is me using the mask, as always it most face mask doesn't fit my face well. At least the products is absorbed well since after the usage my skin regain it's life again. This unisex mask also used by hubby who also got a dehydrated skin. Both of us apparently stays too long in an aircon room during staycation, we didn't get outside almost at all.

Take note that dehydrated skin can be oily as well, since the skin make up for the lost moisture by secreting oils.


a wonderful and simple product that gives the skin an instant hydration effect. Best to be used daily (for dry skin type), 2-3 times a week for normal skin condition.

Thank you Kracie.

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