Monday, August 11, 2014

The Soap Corner Kukui Nut Shampoo Bar and Luxury Peppermint Shampoo Bar

Hello everybody,

This month it will be all about The Soap Corner since they are Hot Stuff of the Month in my blog for August 2014. 

The Soap Corner deserves all the raves for its paraben-free and non SLS items, from body soap, facial wash, shampoo, to brush cleansers, it is all made with care and safety in mind. 

I've shared a lot of their products at my blog before, this two items are the ones I haven't review before, they are shampoo bar. 

I guess by this point we all already get used to the shampoo in liquid form, there are some brands selling shampoo in bar form but contain sls.


The Soap Corner, always with their philosophy of using safe to use ingredients that contain no paraben and no sls, gives us option in having a convenient shampoo bar without those problems. Still with the effect of 'detoxifying' the shampoo help removes all the build up products from the hair. What are the build ups? Hair styling product such as gel, hair spray, foams to even conditioner, masks and other form or 'products' for the hair that has been 'staying' and sticking on the hair all these time and not properly clean, or cannot be clean by your regular shampoo. Causing the hair to be less shiny nor alive. These also goes to the scalp.


Knowing those facts these babies can be a benefit for just about anyone. But what's the catch? Sometime the hair can feels squeaky at first if you're not used to it, but the squeaky cleanliness only felt when wet, after using conditioner and/or hair mask the hair strand will take those products better as they has been 'detox'. As for the scalp, it will feel fresher and definitely cleaner for the unclogged process from the soap bar.


Personally, I've been using both of this products. The peppermint first and then the kukui nut.

The peppermint like it's made to be, give the head that refreshing minty 'taste'. Without being too much aka mild the sensation on the scalp is somewhat cool, I just rub the bar on a wet hair and lathers what sticks on the hair strand. I put them on the scalp mostly or the root and work my way down. The tightness and squeaky hair immediately felt during rinsing. Since this is not the first shampoo bar I've used, it is no surprise on the squeaky feeling. I'm using my regular conditioner and/or mask without going near the roots and voila! Rinse everything off for that shinier locks.


In terms of experience, I don't think there's much of a difference with the kukui nut shampoo bar, just the scent and the fresh feeling of a mint is not found in the kukui since it is not in the ingredient list.

This is suitable for those who are not looking for a scent but only the clean feeling. I've been using it on my permed and colored hair. The perm stay curled like ever before and the color is washed off in every wash, just like any other shampoo I've used.


in using the shampoo bar, the scalp and hair cleans longer through out the day. Some may not like the tight squeaky feeling but it can easily be tackled by using conditioner afterwards by still avoiding the scalp. I can see why some may love it as it helps the hair grow since the scalp has been de-clogged.

Thank you so much The Soap Corner.

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