Friday, August 8, 2014

L'Oreal Professionnel New Hairspa DX

Hello everybody,

these are the products that I have been excited about since most products on the market for hair usually only paying attention to the hair instead of scalp. In terms of shampoo, the scalp should be the main focus and while the conditioner is focusing on the hair strands.

So, when L'Oreal Professionnel launched their newest collection called the HairSpa DX, I'm so into them.


 The collection comes in shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment for the scalp that has oily, dandruff, smells, and/or itchy problem. Me? I have oily scalp. There are some days where I have to wash my hair twice daily so it wont become limp.

Smells, according to the staff at Haircode, it is made for those using head scarf, or perhaps motor bikers, where they where helmet most of the time.


Please do click on any image for larger view where you can read the details such as ingredients. If you're still interested, check out their facebook page:

You may ask about the price, details regarding the products and service at the salon, etc.


As for me, the shampoo with a clear gel that lathers easily does cleans every oils (that bothers me) I have on the scalp, but the scalp still feels comfortable and the hair as well. It doesn't make them strikingly dry and uncomfortable. In fact, they are quite wonderful. I can shampoo my hair once a day now or even 1,5 day and the scalp still looking fine and the hair isn't limp.

The white creamy conditioner is pleasing too, easy to be used and I really enjoy the smoothing effect on the hair. They are surely made for each other, the duo works on the scalp and hair perfectly. The shampoo cleans and make the scalp balance while the conditioner helps detangle and gives protective film on the hair, especially on the ends.


The treatment in the salon also feels comfortable with the creambath specially made. Usually other traditional creambath made the scalp oily after just several hours and made the hair limp. This is the only creambath I know that gives the scalp a clean feeling and volume to the hair without making the dry. The hair still shiny and soft to the touch. The whole treatment took around 1 hour including hair drying.


Below is my final result.

Thank you so much L'Oreal Professionnel Indonesia.


See you on my next post!

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