Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Utama Spice Lavender Body Oil

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wow a body oil, hmm, this is not a product that we as Indonesian feel common about, but for those in the US or other 'west sides' countries have been using Body Oil for quite some time. Why? Body Oil is a body care made from oil, some come in a form of a dry oil, while some in just in an oil form. This Utama Spice Body Oil is in a form or an oil. Not dry oil.

The goal of using body oil is that it gives more protection to the skin compares to lotion, the oils like creating a protective film. Each oils has different function according to the ingredients. These oil are pampering and makes the skin looks glossy. Perhaps this is why it is not famous in Indonesia as we are in a tropical islands with heat and humidity all day long, using something that makes us glossy sometime equals to oily. It is different. Like this Lavender Oil, it made the skin looks healthier and more attractive.


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This is a subtle Lavender moisturizer known traditionally for its healing and relaxing properties. Perfect for after sun care.

The clear oil smells so good, if you like lavender then this is your stuff. It is so fragrant that it made me feels so good as well when inhaling it. The lavender aroma is calming and it made me doze off in a matter of minutes.

The oil cares the skin without any greasy nor oily residue left on the skin. Right now, I'm using it before I'm using my body lotion.

Thank you so much Utama Spice.

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