Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gosh! New York.

Hello everyone,

First of all, with no intention of bragging, I've been almost all around the world. But so far, all of them are a 'safe' tourist trips. Either joining a tour or go on our own as a family or shopping trips with friends.

I'm not a person that is too afraid to talk to strangers even when they're not understand any of my language and vice versa, but there's something more than that.

So, when asked about my dream adventure, I would really like to say, Kayaking in New York, or as described in
Kayaking at Louis J. Valentino Park, Brooklyn
There’s no better way to escape the grit and noise of New York City than by stepping off land for a float on its breezy waters. Free kayaking is offered at many parks around NYC, but our top pick is Valentino Park in Red Hook, which overlooks the Buttermilk Channel and New York Harbor for phenomenal vistas. Manhattan and New Jersey just see the back and side of the Statue of Liberty, but from here, the view is face-front of the Lady.


I know, some of you may just say, 'what?!', it's not a common thing to do in New York, it's not like a life in Sex in The City or Friends. Going on a shopping trips, picnic at Central Park, they have the Broadway, the art and culture everywhere, the Big Apple seems to have everything that are fancy and even magnificent. But I want to look at them just like it has been or at least from a point of view where it's not the beaten path.

I've been kayaking before but not really out there and about, it's in a secluded beach where I was well protected and it's only one time, but I feel the sense of freedom and what would be more than doing it in New York. To let the air feels my lungs with liberty, in sights and in all my senses, in front of Lady Liberty, rowing my kayak, like a true inspiring adventure.


If let say I have to make a plan now, of course I still want to go all out, on the first day after arriving at the JFK I want to went straight ahead to the Time Square and just be in the moment, looking at all those people and the immense highlights would be like an iconic tourist must visit place. Then, if possible on the next day I want to visit the museums, Yankee stadium, and the Coney Island. After being busy, on the third day, this would be a perfect day for kayaking, seeing New York from a calmer and more peaceful point of view, it's just me and the nature. Something that is physically and mentally challenging, but all in a good way.


On the fourth day, this is something that I've been longing to do, hunting for food trucks! It's like one of my top five things to do before I die. New York is rich with people from all over the world, their cuisine is of course affected by the diversity and only the best would come out. I will follow the trails, the lines of people, where they queue and read the clues from twitter by foodies and food bloggers in NY, it's like a culinary adventure comes alive! Still, I'm planning to try their original New York pizzas, they have the thin types, unlike Chicago whose famous for the deep dish, ain't no pizza like the ones at New York. 

After all of that, shopping will occurred, a massive shopping-extravaganza. From beauty products, tourist souvenirs (oh yeah! I want those huge fingers), Liberty pins and hat, to an all out fashionista that has been described by Miss Carrie herself. I wont forget in getting my nails done at the Upper West Side.

So, are you IN or Out? Be Decisive!

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  1. always want to try kayaking but never had a chance
    looks fun