Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Utama Spice Rose Allure Body Butter

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I hope everyone is in good condition. Today, I want to share with you this wonderful product from Utama Spice. The brand have a wide variety of aromatherapy products that not just good for our body, but mind too.

All of their products are hand made and no synthetics are used.

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The first item reviewed here is their Body Butter in Rose Allure. The selling price is Rp.74.250.

The description on the website:

This is a simple aloe-vera moisturizer blended with Rose Geranium oil for softer, smoother skin.

The formula looks watery, unlike 'common' body butter we see on the market. The light texture earn a high score for me since I dislike body butter that feels thick on the skin since Jakarta is not a place for a heavy moisturizer. The lightness and high hydrating effect is perfect for a whole day, even when staying inside the air-con room all day long without any dryness, greasy effect nor other discomfort.

The irresistible rose aroma will settle down not long after applied and the virgin coconut oil will become more noticeable. I really enjoy the sensation when it is first applied, cooling and refreshing, perhaps this is the effect of the agar and aloe vera.

Then after a 2-3 seconds massage the product will make themselves comfortable on the skin and only leaves a hydrating effect with no greasiness felt. The skin looks plumped and happy. Since it is all natural, I even let my daughter uses it. She likes how it feels on her skin too. And for me, the paraben free fact of course.


The details of the ingredients is provided at the back of the container.

One small thing that I would like to be available is the manufacture and expired date, along side is the expired date once open. Hopefully they'll make it available on their next batch.

(Revision on 8/8'14: Psstt. My bad, they actually put the expired date on the side of the container.)

A great product made in Indonesia (so proud of it), consist of all natural ingredients that feels so good on the skin without being too much. Suitable to be use in this climate or even in dryer condition. Suitable for just about any skin type. Can be used to soften the rough parts like elbows, knee, and even heels without being slippery. Use all over the body for a wonderful refreshing hydration and calming rose effect. Amazing smell, or of you prefer something else, you can choose around 9 other variant available, each with their own natural ingredients like lavender, lemongrass, cocoa, and so on (oh I would love to try the lemongrass). Each have different prices accordingly.

Do I recommend this product? For sure!

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Thank you Utama Spice.

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  1. wow
    no mineral oil and no paraben
    i should try this one