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Menard Fairlucent Day Cream, Beauness Spa Shower S, One Touch Lip Treatment C, and Blotting Paper.

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One of the brand that's famous from Japan is, of course, Menard. I also really like their products from the first usage. Below are the products sent to me when I was about to go to Japan last week.


·         Fairlucent Day Cream (Rp. 841.500,-)
·         Beauness Spa Shower (Rp. 348.700,-)
·         Liptreatment C (Rp. 284.900,-)
·         Blotting Paper (Rp. 49.500,-)

Beauty action :
Protects from UV rays
Restrains melanin production
The skin is smooth, bright and moisturized
Care :
After the application of lotion and milk lotion, apply over the face and neck. Use makeup base afterwards prior to foundation.
Composition :
APM (Vitamin C derivative)
Prevents stains caused by UV rays by restricting melanin formation
Coltsfoot Extracts
Avoid skin pigmentation due to external factors


Of course, this item is a must have during summer, a day cream with sun protection included. The white cream is light and will become transparent when applied on the skin. I'm using it on a pre-cleansed skin and after a toner + serum applied.

The light cream able to gives my skin an ample moisture for the day and sun protection enough to reduce the side effect of the sun. I can simply add another layer of higher sun protection after the moisturizer is set.


From the packaging and all the details are made accessible to the customers. The pamphlet is included with all necessary details. In terms of exterior, I think the product is quite simple, but inside, it carries research and meticulous process of making it. 


Inside the box is the tube, I love any skincare with a tube form, pumped tube is even better, why? Hygienic purposes of course.

Next, is the Beauness Spa Shower S.


Details from http://www.menard.co.jp

Non-transgenic comedones tested Allergy tested
And the occurrence of (the original of acne) comedones towards [all,
Allergy does not mean that does not occur. ]


SPA Essence (moisturizing) formulation
* 1: aluminum potassium sulfate, calcium chloride hydrate, Magnesium chloride, Sea grass extract, seawater dried product, coconut water, (Moisturizing all) Kumazasa water, coral grass extract
Medicinal ingredient Medical Essence SP (active ingredient) formulated
* 2: glycyrrhizin dipotassium, Pantothenyl ethyl ether (all active ingredient)

How to use

About 20cm away from the face, close your eyes lightly, please spray the entire face an appropriate amount.
* You can use even over makeup.
* If you wish to use in the face-lift, or tissue paper and Blotting Paper
Please use it from taking the fat of your face.


A spray to be used anytime anywhere. I love it! I'm using it again and again and again during the whole trip and back. It is the simplest form of hydrating for my dry skin. Inside the plane, the air is very dry, my skin and the whole air near me feel coarse. It's a good thing the product comes in 60 ml size, as above 100ml is prohibited inside the plane.

I just simply spray it on my face and all over me for an instant freshness and hydration. The Spa scent may be smell like a health clinic for some people, but for me it smells like when I'm inside a spa room. Nevertheless, not to worry as the scent wont last more than a second as it is sprayed.

The Spa Shower is suitable to just about anyone. I'm using it as a toner, before and after makeup and just about anytime.


It is a medicated lip balm one-touch leading to lush lips from the moment to prevent chapped lips, it was put.
○ I prevent cracks and rough lips.
○ and moisturizes lips extend smoothly, and protect from external stimuli.
○ I will keep the juicy lips in emollient effect.
○ It is a one-touch easy-to-use.
※ There are two types of N in a natural feel and C that feeling of coolness.

Active ingredient

  • Glycyrrhizic acid * 1
  • Vitamin E derivative * 2
  • Nicotinic-acid amide
* 1: β- glycyrrhetinate * 2: ethyl DL-α- tocopherol

The main ingredients

Vegetable squalane (emollients), grape seed oil * 3 (emollient ingredient)
* 3: grape seed oil
  • Please press down with your thumb down on the button next to it. In that case, you may get too out too much from the container lip balm, and break. Use of out about 0.5cm from the container is best.
  • Please take your directly to the lips. The room was dried in a particularly cold and heating outdoors, lips so easier rough, please use it without fail. Whichever is easier chapped lips, is more effective and will use it in the night before.
  • Once you have finished using, please be pushed completely to the top of the button. And lip cream from being completely accommodated in the container, please tighten and snap the lid with your finger.

Notes on Using

  • One-touch medicated lip treatments, container If you have dirt, wipe the dirt, such as tissue paper, please use it to clean all the time.
  • After use, please tighten the cap securely.
  • Place of extreme hot or cold, please do not keep in direct sunlight.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.

The cute one touch lip treatment comes with a c word which means cool. It does have that cold zest felt on the lips once applied. They actually made the lips feel refreshed. The clear lip balm feels rich and light at the same time on the lips, it glides on easily without any sticky feeling, just a slippery lips, moist and supple. It can be used before and after a lipstick or as it is, as a lip treatment every night. Use it after a lip scrub for that irresistible healthy and clean looking lips.


A clear brown thin papers that help remove excess sebum from the face. It is best to be used as a touch up so the skin appears fresh again. Top it off with the Beauness Spa Shower and the skin will look as it best once more.


Below are the images of me with Beauness Spa Shower S and Fairlucent Day Cream.


I manage to take pictures with them during the flight and at video shooting sessions. I'm glad I brought them with me during my trip to Japan as they are turned out to be so useful. The Day Cream helps my skin stays protected and hydrated, it may be light but it seals the moisture inside, the SPF 40 PA++ also can be used daily. When the day is too hot, (or too dry like in the plane), Beauness Spa Showers is there to keep me pampered. I'm using it on my body and hair as well. And if you have an oily scalp like me, just spray them on the scalp once in a while for freshness effect and blot the excess oil with the blotting paper, it'll help the scalp to breath better.

The One Touch Lip Treatment C also a friend in need, the coolness is perfect for summer time. The gloss and healthy shine makes the lips looks prettier and of course, protected from the chapped.


If you're interested in any of the products, Menard is having a collaboration with me, you can buy them by placing your order through my email at carnellin@gmail.com with the subject: Menard.
The pre order is closed by 31st of August, 2014.

The price you'll get from me is actually cheaper from the prizes at the counters, 20-25% discounts plus some free goodies as well.


 Pembelian 1 pcs disc 20%
Fairlucent Day Cream
Beauness Spa Shower
Liptreatment C
Blotting Paper

Pembelian 3pcs Beauness Spa Shower
Discount 25% +
FREE Blotting Paper 3 pcs

Pembelian Fairlucent Day Cream dan Beauness Spa Shower
Discount 25% +
FREE Lotion Mask Sheet 2 pcs +
Beauness S 30ml 2 pcs

Thank you.

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