Monday, August 11, 2014

Utama Spice Antiseptic Liquid Soap

Hello lovelies,

what comes in your mind the minute you hear antiseptic soap? The yucky smell or the super drying effect on the skin? Or worst, both. Fret not, Utama Spice gives an alternative solution for an antiseptic soap in a form of a liquid to be friendly on the skin yet smells like cananga flowers.

Safely rid your skin of daily pollutants with this all natural nourishing and moisturizing coconut liquid soap.  Infused with a unique blend of essential oils known for their antiseptic properties, this soap is soft enough for your face, but tough enough to tackle the dirtiest of dirt.


I like using an antiseptic products, everything that kills germ sounds good to me, so when I see that Utama Spice have one and it's 100% natural, I'm so keen in trying one. The pump bottle is convenient, the orange-brown colored liquid looks weird (hey, honest opinion) and the liquid doesn't seem able to produce a lot of foam, it doesn't. They only lathers as much when using a cloth or sponge.

But the cleansing ability is something that I called unique, satisfying, and addicting.

The skin feels clean yet when it is dry there's like this pampering film covering the skin, making them feels soft and smooth and clean at the same time. It's something unusual for an antiseptic soap, or perhaps any other soap I've used before. One more thing, it can be used as a facial cleanser as well (not for removing makeup, just daily debris).


The finishing effect is of course, the flowery scent, cananga. It last around an hour after shower and the best thing is, it made the whole shower room fragrant.

The Rp. 111.320 product works well for the whole family (except babies ya, since I never tested on them).


Thank you so much Utama Spice.

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