Thursday, August 7, 2014

Utama Spice Begone Bug

Hello everyone,

I'm back with another product from Utama Spice, this is their Begone Bug.

Details from

This is a gentle, yet powerful natural bug spray. Safe for children.

I'm using it everyday for my daughter for school. Since Jakarta is not a insect-free place or at least there's no minimum effort from the local councils to control the insect by fogging or whatever like in a first country, the number of bugs, specially, mosquito is flying freely everywhere.

A mosquito bite can be as mild as a little bump with redness, itchiness, to allergic reaction and even illnesses. Knowing the fact that it can be harmful there's a lot of insect repellent products sold in the market. Some are safe for kids and even babies.

A lot of them use natural ingredients, while some use chemicals, some use natural ingredients combined with chemicals, Utama Spice produce an insect repellent using only natural products.

This specially formulated, 100% natural insect repellent is so effective that with every application you will be yelling 'Begone Bug!' in a language they will understand. This is one of our most popular products, and with one use you will know why.

If you think the natural products aren't strong enough, think again. It repels bugs with the scents. It doesn't kill the bugs, just repels them from biting us.


Too bad in the ingredients list there's no details regarding the essential oils used, but from the scent I know it contains citronella oil.

I've used several other brand of insect repellent before that smells exactly the same, but only this one have the strongest above them all in terms of scents and effect. It last for hours and hours, perhaps twice stronger than other brand with the same form (liquid/spray).

Thank you so much Utama Spice.

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