Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dessert at Katsusei is Lovely, Totally the Opposite with One Particular Staff at Bobbi Brown Pacific Place

I'm not officially involved in Buka Bareng Blogger in Katsusei, but my sis is. So this review is just about the dessert, since my sis called me up at that time and ask me to pick her up. I was in fact at Pacific Place for Bobbi Brown opening, the stuff there are gorgeous, unfortunately not the staff I'm talking with. I ask her regarding Bobbi Brown's skincare range and what is it all about and she kept repeating, "You can read by yourself on the packaging!" which just say Hydrating Face Cream, Algae Extract and Kukui Nut Oil, I'm not a botanist, how come she expect me to understand just by reading it? What does it do to a face? The effect? How to properly used it? Etc!! Really not cool!

Okay, back to Katsusei, so when I'm arrived there apparently the event haven't finished, but I just went inside and sit quietly next to my sis.

I see there are so many leftovers, my sis told me that Katsusei proportion is very big, so you've been warned when you step in there, ladies ^____^ huge meals!

Each table is equipped with many different sauce you can mix on your own. Very cute packaging.

And it's dessert time! I just filling in some vacancy and the waiter just filled me in with the desserts. Wow! They look gorgeous. My tummy is actually full, I have my dinner at Pacific Place and still kinda upset thank to that awful staff at that beauty store (yes, a bit grudges).

But that mango pudding is just, oh la la, feels so good and I don't know is it because of the sugar rushing in or just how the melt sweetly in my mouth, my temper is going down too. The mango feels so fresh, cool, and the cream on top is another level of fruit and cream in one. This dessert is perfect for those who are looking for a fruity sweet dessert that have the right amount of sweetness in it. Sorry, the pic look so dark, the lighting at Katsusei is pretty dim.

Then come the matcha ice cream, I've been to many countries and tries many different matcha ice cream, still . . .

it can won me over. Perfect for those whose not a big fan or thick matcha, not too sweet and chilled me on the spot.

Let's just say, it won me over ^______^

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