Monday, August 22, 2011

My 10 for 10 Days Challenge Revealed

My 10 items, it's kinda random when I picked them up ^0^'

 6+9 with pearl layered bracelet, can also added with a tights

6+7 with a leather clutch.

3+6 and an orange bag from Bangkok

5+6+10 with a pair or tights and a bag for laptop

1+4+6 with the same leather clutch and add some necklaces

1+2+5+6 with Everbest shoulder bag

2+4+6 plus a belt from H&M and gold purse.

1+6+8 for a day in a mall

1+5+6+8 to add some smart for the casual look

6+8+10 is perfect for a relaxed day

6+10 for a night in town plus a pearl necklace and Guess wallet.

Last but not least 5+6+7 and moved the blazer inside out for a formal look.

And there it is my 10 items for 10 different look, I know it's 12 styles but 2 of them are a repetitive with the blazer on and off  ^____^

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