Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Detox Your Skin with Kiehl's

On Saturday (20th August, 2011) at 3 PM, I went to Plaza Senayan and attend a seminar by Kiehl's. This time it's about "Benefit of Detoxification For Your Skin". Their seminar is always something I've look forward too, #1 I got to hang out with the friendly KCR's, #2 I get to try Kiehl's stuff, #3 I get a free consultation from the doctor, #4 Have I mention that it's all FREE ^____^

The products in the spotlight is Rare Earth

All participants went home with samples of these goodies.

Materials given from the seminar, do click on each images for a larger view.

The seminar talks about why is it important to detox your skin, aside from pollution that caused dullness and irritation, a detoxed skin will be "younger" compared to those who didn't. There are many therapies for detox.

And Kiehl's offer one of the method using Amazonian White Clay that help reduce the stress and detoxification that rich in mineral salts which cleanse the skin from dirt/toxic from the facial skin surface.


The range start with a cleanser that so thick and rich. Absorb the oil, lift dead skin cells and calming is just a few of the function. Followed with a Refining Tonic that mattifies skin and minimize pores.

Continues with the lotion that helps refines skin texture. I have to be honest I'm not a big fan of the lotion because of the scent . . . but for the function? Oily skin will love the result. And I think their highlight is on the masque which can be use even for a dry skin owner like me. The difference is just oily skin can use the masque more frequent while I use sparingly, in the end we all need to detox our skin and Kiehl's have the simplest yet effective product to do the job.

I've use the before, please click --->  HERE
And Oh my! That post was made last year when I'm still in S'Pore, and I look so silly using those plastic cap, I just don't want my hair get in the way  =^_____^=

So this time I let my husband be the model, thank you hubby, smooch smooch.

His skin was sensitive from a lot of scars during his puberty and oily too. Acne and bumps are easily found when he stress-out. So, I figure he'll be the perfect subject heehee. First the cleanser, which is easily applied, like a masque, but instead on clean skin, just use it on damp skin, after applying using clean fingers, gently massage the skin and mixed with water will create suds. The skin feels clean afterwards, so I gave him the masque.

It stings! He said it really is. Okay I have 3 people using this stuff:
me with dry skin: Sting for a while but in the count of minutes the sting level lowered. The masque dries out in 10 minutes.
my sis with oily skin: Sting for a while but within minutes the sting are gone and dries within 5 minutes.
my hubby with oily and sensitive skin + acne prone: Sting all the way until completely dry, around 10 minutes or so.

But we all have the same result, super clean skin that feels so smooth, good, and comfortable. Just bear the process and enjoy the result  ^_____^

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