Friday, August 5, 2011

Kiehl's Abyssine Serum

Details from

The quickly penetrating anti-wrinkle solution from the deep.
• Ultra-lightweight, quickly penetrating formula to help diminish the signs of aging and strengthen and defend skin against environmental damage.
• Abyssine, a survival molecule which thrives under the extreme conditions in hydrothermal ocean vents, helps soothe and protect skin.
• Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Dermatologist tested for gentleness and suitable for sensitive skin.
• Use on cleansed skin morning and night before Abyssine moisturizer
Cool Kiehl’s Fact: The Abyssine 657 “survival molecule” is a polysaccharide found in the depths of the ocean. The ingredient is derived from microorganisms discovered near the Galapagos hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 3,000 meters where the algae is able to adapt itself to the harshest conditions.

My review:

Oh my, I'm officially in the midst of a confusion here, does Kiehl's ever create a bad, low quality, lame, awful product to be used? It's like wam bam! Almost every items from Kiehl's either working or fabulously working!

One of the best serum I've used! It was like, 180 degree difference from their Vitamin C serum which gives a very warm sensation during usage, Abyssine Serum + gives me an instant cooling refreshing sensation (when used with Cucumber Toner) that just wakening yet I found no menthol in the ingredients and the feeling it's just amazing. The serum have a lotion type texture that easily spread, used and absorbed on the skin surface and how it play with my senses was addictive. There are some instant relieve too on the skin that is also soothing. Oh dear, I'm running out of words . . . you have to try them!

And with your eyes you can literally see your facial skin is brighter, it's like that glow you have when you are really happy, on that same minute of using the serum from your senses, feeling and look is uplifted in one go. I think it is one of the best serum I've used.

My skin is hydrated, moist, dewy, supple, look healthier, plus added radiant, and smoother. A great product for a skin lover. Too bad they don't have any scent. I guess Kiehl's are focusing on effectiveness and practical, all in the ingredients are pure function.


  1. I got a sample of this serum too and I fell in love. I cursed because it was quite expensive but it felt so good on my skin, leaving my skin moisturized yet matte. I decided to just splurge and order through Strawberrynet hahaa.. I'm waiting for my serum to be delivered any day now :D

  2. Hi Silk,

    yes abyssines are amazing! Use it wisely since they are precious ^__^