Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Banana Conditioner from The Body Shop

Like all The Body Shop stuffs, they are all made with passion and from passion they deliver quality product made with with love and care, to the environment and humans using and delivering the products.

Normal price sold at Rp.79.000, this Banana Conditioner are still within the budget, and they always having a sale , do watch out for that.

My Banana conditioner from The Body Shop, I bought it during PRJ ^__^, I have high anticipation since this have been a product that have long existence in the TBS family.

Go banana-rama for this gorgeously fruit conditioner. It leaves hair super soft, just like our original one. Now with Community Trade banana puree.

My review: The strong scent of banana feels like they are mixed with coconut, I'm in a coconut island filled with monkeys hanging around my hair due to the banana puree. I use like a cherry sized amount of conditioner for my hair strand avoiding the scalp area and wherever near the root. When I rinse the conditioner my hair feels so soft. A product worth having for, now I wanna go banana-rama!


  1. Hi Line,

    Found ur blog thru cecilia's and i think ur blog is awesome!!
    Mind if i link u?

    Salam kenel btw, elrica here.

  2. Hi Pink Buble,

    Sure, don't mind at all :) thank you for the compliment!!! I also enjoy your review on traveling, I'm a traveladdict!

    Talking about traveling makes me realize, how I need one right now ^0^

  3. Hello, Carnellin! :D

    I love this Banana Conditioner (I know, I know, I ALWAYS give my comment only below any posts about TBS, I'm freak! LOL.). But, this conditioner is just lovable, smells good, and works properly. The plus: it's cheaper than the other!

    Thank you for reviewing. :)


  4. Hi Ningrum,

    I love your comments and I bet TBS love it too! Exactly! Banana conditioner is far better and yup, budget friendly ^___^