Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jumpstart Your Own Business with Fimela(dot)com and Dove Indonesia

Last Saturday, 20 of August 2011, as my last event that particular day was held in Fimela(dot)com headquarter in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Hmm, the two ladies here is in a moment of silence, why?

Because the event has started and do you see the crowds? Guess speaker and hosts are honeys to these bees, and who wouldn't be interested in building their own empire ^___^ Yes, the theme for the event is Jump Start Your Own Business. From Risol Ajaib to Maia, from business perspective by the guess speaker to giving back to community by Dove Indonesia, all of us are taken by them. The event was nicely prepared and presented. 

Dress code is white and all of them look so gorgeous! Btw have you join the cause they all in? It's about giving back to the community and this time it's about Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa. How you can participate? Simple! Just get your Twibbon here : CLICK or checkout I Dove It on Facebook and on Twitter: @iDOVEit

See the example I put on my Facebook profile? And just by doing so I make Dove Indonesia donate Rp.5000 to YCAB. And on twitter too, plus every time I tweet using #RealCare Rp.1000 is given as well.

Let's participate just by simple clicks and make Indonesia a better place.

Me and Maia, she looks so beautiful

Participants are taking pictures in front of Fimela(dot)com and waiting for 'buka bareng'.

All of us.

Each participants are going home with goodies bag packed with Dove goodies, some are getting prices for their tweeting activity during the event, answering questions and asking questions too.
It looks like fun, right?! So, next time Fimela have a thing going on, join up!

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