Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make Up Forever Beauty Class

Last night in Plaza Indonesia, I went for a day with the girls for a beauty class.

Since I was late (thanks to the traffic) I have to skip all the formalities and clean up my face A.S.A.P. So Divide is a thick white lotion that so smooth and clean all the makeup and dirt on my face.

Then use the Cool Lotion, this grape inspired toner is light and refreshing.

Now my face is clean and ready for some HD action

Make Up For Ever have this cool thing that helps you choosing the right tones and colors for your skin accordingly. You still got plenty to choose from but all in a perfect harmony.

First I'm choosing a purple primer that help undertone my yellow skin. It was half done, do you noticed the difference?

Then it's foundation time, it is light and covers all that need to be covered. Then a slight touch of concealer and HD powder using a kabuki brush.

Then it is my favorite time, using a blush on.

Hardly able to choose just one between #4 and #5, so I mixed it both.

Look at my rosy cheeks, take note that the cream is easily dries out, so spread little by little and dab it fast.

Then it's lipstick time and a gloss, there are so many choices to begin with and I choose a romantic style with a pinkish look.

As you can see there are many items here for professional use which range from high end magazine, movies to special effect in between

Me and my sis at our table, we both look spotless with HD make up

In the mood for body painting anyone?

It's really is a place for a pro

From fake blood, body gel for that glossy look, to many many colors for the skin

Me and Ms. Geri, she helps me out all through the process, oh and Ms. Maria too.

She do the presentation on the event

All the beauty blogger invited to the beauty class, so happy to be a part of MUFE

My conclusion: All those wonderful things you've heard regarding their products? It's true!


  1. hi lin <3 so sad we cannot talk much like we did on lancome's event! hope to see you on next event! ^_^
    its really nice that you can take photos of the products, i have no time to take all of it!

    nice post <3

  2. Hi hi,

    Yes, as I was running really late :P next time we should chat :)

    MUFE is amazing, feels like in a candy store, too bad it's really late, would love to drop by again whenever possible