Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 Months Using Neril and Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Growth Serum

After full 2 months using these 2. Neril Hair Growth Serum and RudyHadisuwarno 's I can now clearly say, they both work well together.  I use it daily and now I've reduced the using process until 3 times a week.

If today I use Neril then the next day will be Rudy's. So in one application I use one brand. Why do I do this? Experiment ^___^. If I don't do this who will.

My result is: Seems like the hair fall is normal, still less than 100 strands per day but on the area of application that I feel less hair now seems to be thicker, I say seems because it  does look thicker but I can't count them. But trust me, it really work on my top part. Will I continue using? Yes, for maintenance of to make it thicker but less than 3 times a week, maybe next month I'll start 2x a week and once a week to keep it grooming.


  1. Thank you for your review. I have these serums and will definitely try to use it regularly <3

  2. You're welcomed girl ^__^ be patient, reduce the stress level and using a mint shampoo before also help the serum to absorb better.


  3. due to too much bleaching process, i now have damaged hairs at the top part of my head and they're sticking out like a chicken's small hairs. i bought the rudy's serums but i'm worried about my own hair growth. how long does it take for your hair to grow during the first application? i'm 18 and i'm worried mine will take forever to grow back because wearing a hat or a wig almost every time is just not so comfy :(

  4. Hi Alice,

    The result may differ to each user and it still depends on your normal hair growth. I do suggest for you to visit trichologist for your problem.