Thursday, August 11, 2011

Red Tomato Plaza Indonesia

Last night I dine at Red Tomato Plaza Indonesia, it was 10PM plus and they are about to closed but the staffs spotless service is still so friendly and warm. They are famous for their thin crust hand tossed pizza but last night I need a supper not a full course dinner.

After went for their menu I ordered an Italian vegetable soup and mini potatoes with sour cream.

We love the ambiance and all those tomatoes in the air, a definitely winner for a tomato lover ^__^. This lycopene packed of veggie is actually very good not just for all (human kind) but specially for men. Just google it okay, I'm not gonna ruin one's appetite, the part that I'm talking about is about the same as tomato ^___-

The Italian veggie soup in tomato is here. Love the exact amount of sourness and pepper on it. It's a perfect comfort food at night. It's not heavy but still gives my tummy a bit of a kick and suits my palette. It's definitely made with care, yums! Sniffles, poor appetite or just need some warmth, try this one, you'll feel better in a jiffy.

These mini potatoes are a delight too. One complain is the mini bacons that hardly there, and I need some ketchup to finished up, I'm like a total ketchup in everything, I even add ketchup on my instant noodle with cheese.

Those two meals are wonderful, I'll definitely keep this place in mind whenever I'm around and I'll taste your pizza and pasta too.

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