Monday, August 8, 2011

Love the Pancakes at Mr.Pancakes and Their Spaghetti Too

When dining in, believe it or not ambiance take another level of our expectation for the food, the taste and what they'll bring. So, it's all about a whole experience and this is what I have at a restaurant I'm about to share.

The menu is all about western meals from pasta to pancakes . . .


The place is so cozy, love all the details they put in and near my seats there's aromatherapy that reminds me of lovely laces, love it!

I'm confused with all the toppings they can offer, so I order the platter which comes in many varieties, I love the mango puree, chocolate and apple with cinnamon, yums!

But still our eyes are caught in this fresh spaghetti which is a must try! They are fresh herbs with diced carrots and cubes of chicken, a few actually but the greens are lovely.

I'll definitely come back here again and try their steaks!

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