Monday, August 1, 2011

Bakerzin Special Menu for Ramadhan

On Saturday my family and I visited Bakerzin Plaza Senayan and we are greeted with their new menus which is for Ramadhan month. From meals to desserts and collections of snacks with or without beverage.

Then it's time for me to choose the meals we would like to eat, good news for my husband is he is all about Indonesian food, he's not a big fan of western meals, so when local cuisines comes around, he's definitely up for it.

After placing our orders which is hot tea, fruits flavored tea which is an absolute delight in a hot days like these, summer salad, chicken with peanut sauce, and pepes dory fish. We waiter around 10 minutes and the drinks comes in a jiffy.

I can say you will never go wrong choosing any of their salad here, I always love the presentation and . . .

how scrumptiously fresh they are. Love the sweet balsamic dressing, one of the must try items followed by their pear salad and Caesar salad. You can easily top up with any protein available, and oh yes, salmon lover, they have salmon salad for you . . . maybe someday they will add ceviche on the menu, hopefully ^_^

My pepes dory fish is presented, love the abundant fresh veggies on the side and cube tomatoes on the fish. But I think I need more kick in the flavoring, I'm a typical Indonesian that love flavor, the good news thou, kids can dive in too since they are not hot.

The fish is fresh and not a bone found in it, which means a pleasant meal all over, the rice could be more soft and succulent, it's a bit dry for us. If let say they add sauce or dressings, this meal would be a winner.

And this is my husband's chicken in peanut sauce. The chicken is so tender and picky eater can enjoy this meal without having a fuss since you can divide everything using the pressure with a spoon. Not spicy at all, so the meal is suitable for tender palate and kids too.

If these meals is not your taste? Don't worry, Bakerzin still have their regular meals as always, yums!

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