Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pancake Mix Haan

I bought it days ago at Hypermart and from my previous Pancake batter mix (Korean? Japanese one? Really couldn't remember) I thought it's okay but this one is fluffier. My previous one is "just add water" kind, while Haan is "Add egg and water + oil".

Beside pancake this batter can also be made into waffle or crepes you just need to adjust several ingredients in it. It's all easy, if I can do it, you should too . . . ^___^ dummy proof!

Now for the pancake, just click for a details to see it bigger. Leave the batter for 10 minutes for me is really important since it help the batter to "grow" first and these tiny bubbles that inside them will make the pancake fluffier and easier to cooked thoroughly all the way inside.

Now, leave the pan medium to low heat and it cook really fast. In my other batter (using different brand) I can easily flip them over but with Haan, you have to flip to the other side while they are still so soft. It will be a bit messy, if you wait for it to be completely "loose" you'll get this burn mark, oh and it's a big no-no to double cook one side, the moment they are done, they're done alright. It easily burnt too. I've warned you.

And if you do fine and follows my tips, you'll get a fluffy pancake that are so soft and you'll love how soft they are.  1 packaging means about 5 normal size pancakes while I made mini one, since for me it's easier to flip and thoroughly cooked.


Stack 'em with some Nutella inside put inside a cling bag and I'm ready to go. I also can make a sausage inside and roll, or put the sausage inside the batter and toll it on a pan. Many many things can be done with these.

May fave would be add some fresh veggies, eggs, tomatoes and make a sandwich out of them. Yums!

Health tips: Add some oats in the batter, you can grind the oat first or just put them in, the 'bite' they are adding is sublime!

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