Monday, August 8, 2011

Revlon Eye Brow Pencil - a beauty steal

As I mentioned on my previous post, I've been using Revlon eye brows pencil for a very long time (8 years) and I know since 8 years ago many invention from liquid and creamy texture have arrived and not forgetting the wonderful kohl pencil too, yet, I'm still faithful with Revlon Eye Brow Pencil in black.

They are cheap, comes with a brush and a sharpener too, can they get any better than this? Well, can actually heehee ^_^.

I know there are many other products out there for the brows that have better texture and waterproof but most of them that really good cost 6 times than this particular one. For me since my brows are not sweating or troublesome Revlon's is good enough for me. I'm not recommending the products for other part like for eye liner, it's just for filling your brows. Do it gently and gradually for a natural look, if you want bolder result you can simply keep repeating the gestures until desired thickness.

How to clean it? Any normal facial wash will do.

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