Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rudy Hadisuwarno Ginseng Creambath and Felice Hair Mask

Today somehow I wake up felling super duper diligent, I do my own hair treatment at home. As I'm doing it I can also blog about it, neat! Love being multitask. 

This is Rudy Hadisuwarno Ginseng Creambath. It's one of my program for hair thickening and growth. Ginseng are known to be good for the hair roots.

The cream are not thick, so I figure they are used for my scalp only since it can be quite a waste. The strong scents can be a bit annoying for me. Kinda sharp to the nose . . . but it's the result that I was looking for.

1 use means 1/3 of the tube of 200 ml for the hair roots and scalp only. I didn't use it for my hair ends, so like 1/2 of all my hairs.

The rest of the hair till the ends are using Miracle Series Fruit Punch with Milk Hair Mask from Felice Professional that smell so gorgeous! It is milky yet not baby milk kinda thing but fruity with a lovely sensation.

I've been using this thick thick oh-so-thick cream for months and love the scent + the result too. My hair become luscious and smell great. It helps the dry part to glows and protected. Perfect for once a week or daily use. You do need to wait 15 minutes before rinsing in.

So, after I apply Rudy's Creambath cream on my scalp and massage them well, just enjoy the process and relaxed. Then after the scalp are done I use Felice's for the hair strands, just put them on and spread evenly. Then after they are all done I put on a plastic cap since I don't have any steamer and warm towel is just too messy, I use natural steam from my body head heat.

After 15-20 minutes I open it up and wait again for another 5-10 minutes and cools off. Actually you can do this in your own time ^___^ there's no 'must-do' rule in it. And that's the beauty of doing it at home, you can still manage your chores . . . yes, I am THAT busy.  

Result after using both of it, my scalp feels fresh and comfortable while the hairs are soft and so manageable. Both scalp and hair strands till the end are very happy.

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