Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Natur Hair Shampoo - Many Variants

Please do read my previous post on Natur Shampoo

I've used up the whole previous bottle and using other variants that I have so far . . . Hmm, I wasn't able to feel, notice, or see any differences between any of them to each other. They give me the same cleansing properties, result and the only thing I can feel a bit difference is their scent but they are gone like minutes after leaving the shower room.

I do feel some itchiness on my scalps and some like acne which I never experience before (in my life). I don't want to blame Natur for it, but other products that I used, I've used them before, such as, hair tonics, conditioner, hair serum, etc.

But I'm also not saying that they are a bad product it's just I haven't see nor feel the real significant result from using this natural hair shampoo that Natur proud of. I wish I can know more, learn more, you know, maybe there's a tips or tricks of how to use the product better. SO, if any of the Natur 'people' read my post on them, do contact me.

Thank you.

This just in: I gave my sis Natur and it work really well on her, she  have very active oil glands on her scalp and she have to wash her hair daily, and even thou' she washes the hair every morning at night time the oils will takes it tolls. I meant it really bad. The top part of her head would look so limp.

But since she uses Natur, at night her hair still fluffy and bouncable. Even on her scalp area and hairs near the root. She like it, she really do, She have try many other shampoo within those budget range and Natur is the winner for her. Currently she uses Extract Urang Aring (darkening).  

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