Saturday, August 27, 2011

Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen

Some time agoHi-Beaut sent me some of Avalon's Japanese Fish Collagen to try on. Here are some details from

In modern times, beauty is no longer the exclusive domain of women. Healthy and radiant skin is coveted by both sexes of this new age generation. AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen uses the most premium ingredients, such as Japanese Fish Collagen of molecular weight of less than 3,000 Daltons and believed to be the best for absorption by the human body. In addition, it is the only collagen product in the market to be fortified with Probiotic complex – a combination of strains of beneficial bacteria. These work together to balance intestinal microflora and facilitate the rebuilding of a healthy intestinal system which is able to boost collagen peptides and L-Vitamin C absorption, doubling the effectiveness of anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, leaving us with radiant skin to reveal beauty from inside out.

Available in 3 refreshing flavours, AVALON™ makes consumption of collagen a pleasurable daily affair. Besides, every serving is individually packed for great convenience, catering to busy individuals who want to keep healthy glowing skin while they are on the go. With no added sugar, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is one great choice for diabetics as well as weight watchers.

It is never too early to start on collagen as the natural production of collagen in our body declines after 20 years of age. Thus get your daily dose of AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen today to start enjoying the awesome benefits of it!

Details from the pamphlet. Please do open and read more about them.

I know, it's really long and seems difficult to find the reason why we didn't need the stuff.

But they seems to understand why is it difficult for consumer to consume fish collagen, yes, the fishy smell. So they have 3 different flavor, mango, lemon, and blueberry.

Here there are, the blueberry is the purple one on top left, lemon on top right and mango on below part of the bowl. Here I go, I'm trying them and here is my top favorite in order:

1. Blueberry for it's fruity refreshing scent that far from fishy taste
2. Mango for being very mango-ey and suits the texture really well, like eating a real dried mango
3. Lemon is the last since it's kinda very mildly flavored

My husband: Likes the lemon and mango only
My sis: Mango is her first choice

But take note all of them have NO fishy smell at all. Regarding their effect? Not yet, we have to consume them regularly for at least 2-4 weeks to see the result.

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