Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bali Alus Green Tea Essential Scrub and other Bali Products

My hubby went back from Bali and bought me these lovely goodies ^__^ 3 bath salts and 2 body scrubs in different brands and scents. The bath salts can be used as a relieve for body aches with a hot bath and the aromatherapy is just lovely and calms me down.

This is Frangiphani Chamomile Body Scrub, unfortunately I couldn't find any details on the web, so it's all about the products here.

The scrub is small and the fragrant is just wowza! Sexy!

The Green Tea Essential Scrub with VCO, Virgin Coconut Oil, from Bali Alus, now this one have a web on their own : http://www.balialus.com/

Let's compare them both, the green tea scrub have a bigger scrub than frangiphani's. Both scents are gorgeous and Bali Alus's is more moisturizing. Both are sold below Rp.20.000. Lovely!

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