Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PPP Combo (Micro Laser + Warm Touch + LLCS)

Hi everybody,

after my first experience at PPP where they did a Special Treatment as in PPP Lift and LLCS, I'm back to PPP at Puri. This day it's another doctor, seems like they do have a lot of doctors since I met different doctor for all my visits.


I was happy when I get in and out with a very red skin and the unbearable pain. The doctor keep insisting on putting on "maximum effect'" for 'my benefit' when I repeatedly told her, I do not want anything but low energy since I have very sensitive skin and low tolerance of pain.

Yet, she is insisting on medium level, where I have to keep asking dr.B to stop as it was really painful.

So this treatment is divided into 3-4 parts. I can handle Warm Touch as it is hot, definitely not warm for me, but not to the point where I want to scream, Micro Laser is painful and it was really the one that made me upset. It feels sting all over, not just little tiny ant bites but more like angry amazonian ant bites.

The saddest part is where the doctor refuse to turn down the energy, or at least, give me anesthetic cream.


Followed by LLCS which is the 'usual laser' and light therapy. The skin was already super sensitive and in pain, yet, dr.B still insisted on medium level. I do hate her.

My skin was not pinkish, rosy dewy, but dry, red like a boiled lobster and it felt so hot.

I have to use my V 10 Plus Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask for around 7 times where every time it becomes dry, I kept on reapply.

It was really not a pleasant moments for me. When they say that they don't have downtime, I guess this treatment is not included.


I'm so happy that I have Hypersensitive Kit from Avene, I used them as well, especially the spray, it helps me a lot. I kept using the thermal water, from Evian Brumisateur (for baby) as well, like it kept the skin hydrated and less painful. Yes, there are still pain.

My skin flakes off around 48 hours after the treatment and it made using makeup into a horror movie. I already told dr.B that I do have photoshoot on the next day and full events ahead, and still gave me 'maximum' effects.

Perhaps, if I don't have events as many as these days, perhaps, if they put on some anesthetic cream, perhaps if there's less pain involves, it would be better. But that's not what happen.

I do not like to see my skin in such pain, looks so red and flakes off. Those who knows me can see that my skin are fine. In the age of 35 my skin was calculated to be in the year 27 and I'm happy about it. I only have one acne during PMS, I have very few dark spots and a very few lines, especially laughing lines and I guess that's it.

Perhaps I don't really need this kind of treatment.

Would I hate this treatment forever and ever? I don't think so. Perhaps there are times where I need one, perhaps, not that I want to, or perhaps when I can use anesthetic cream 30 minutes before the treatment.


How's my skin condition now?

After a day of pampering using Avene, Evian, V 10 Plus and generous amount of Clinique's iconic moisturizer, it's healing.


The redness subsiding, the dryness goes away, the heat and pain or sting whenever I put on some moisturizer after the treatment is all gone within 2-3 days.

The dead skin that comes off also stop within 3-4 days and I can wear makeup again.


There are a few acne still emerging, this is not a common view on my face but they are healing fast since I went back a couple days later for LLCS.


Overall, all the 'side effects' after PPP Combo is gone completely around 6-7 days. Does my skin becomes better? Glowing? Hmm, I really can't say right now. Seems like they are just recovering from the non invasive treatment.

Did I look so different then and now?

What do you think?


Talking about a treatment that is definitely more expensive than other kind of peeling available at other beauty clinics with a fraction of their price, hmm, I think I need to dig dipper for this issue.. The time, cost, energy and effectiveness of the combo treatment that made cringe in pain. Is it because of the doctor? Or the procedure itself?

I've done this once, so there's no way I can compare with another doctor (in terms of PPP Combo) or other terms.

Perhaps we'll just see until I finished the whole treatments with the whole 7 days program with PPP Laser Clinic.

See you on my next post.

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  1. Looks a bit different.. Cantik dan mulus bangeeeet ka