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European Slimming Center

Hello lovelies,

A few days ago I went into a clinic that helps those who wants to have slimmer figure, it's European Slimming Center.


Located in several location in Jakarta, I went into one of their branch, which is at Puri Indah area.


After my second child is born, seems like I can't get my body back in shape. I need to loose around 5-10 kilos, 5 to be in the healthy zone and 10 to be in the weight before pregnancy.

There are several treatments to choose from but the treatments given to me are Kiloburn and Lipocontour.


My weight is taken alongside with the fat calculation, muscle and everything in between. It is no surprise that I was slightly obese, I have to reduce my fat by dieting. Diet is actually one of the most effective way in reducing weight. 98% of our weight is gain from eating, exercise only help by 2%, but that doesn't meant that we should not exercise, it is still needed for overall health. It also boost metabolism which help the food to be 'consumed' better, turns into energy and not stay as a stored fat.



Lipocontour  merupakan treatment pelangsingan dan pembentukan tubuh generasi terbaru yang dihadirkan oleh European Slimming Centre® (ESC). Treatment ini menggunakan teknologi termutakhir MP2 Multi-Polar dan Magnetic Pulse yang merupakan kolaborasi Multi-Polar dan Magnetic Pulse. Treatment non-invasive ini secara efektif mampu mengencangkan kulit, mengurangi timbunan lemak dan memperbaiki tekstur kulit.

Bagaimana MP2 Multi-Polar dan Magnetic Pulse Lipocontour bekerja?
Gelombang Multi-Polar akan memberikan energi panas yang mampu meningkatkan aliran darah serta mengembalikan elastisitas dan merevitalisasi kulit. Sementara, Magnetic Pulse berperan dalam menginduksi pelepasan faktor pertumbuhan yang diperlukan untuk pertumbuhan pembuluh darah baru (Angiogenesis), serta merangsang proliferasi fibroblast dermal. Hasilnya, kulit kencang dan sehat dengan peningkatan elastisitas dan tekstur.

Keunggulan dari foto before after terapi lipocontour pada Lipocontour

  • Mengencangkan & meningkatkan elastisitas kulit.
  • Mengurangi stretch mark dan selulit.
  • Hasil yang instan dan tahan lama.
  • Kombinasi 8 gelombang energi menjadi single matrix, yang bekerja hingga lapisan kulit terdalam.
  • Teruji klinis dan sangat aman.

Soon the first treatment begun. Lipocontour to the rescue. The part that I choose is my upper arms. They are not really have a lot of fat, but due to lack of exercise, they are sagging alright...compared to when I'm in my 20's. So I think I choose these parts as well since I've done some on my tummy and thighs.


It was warm and kinda like a massage using a somewhat medium size roller.

It glides on the skin and with a certain pressure. It use a gel to become a lubricant, the same gel used for USG and as long as there's gel the metal wont feel so hot on the skin. Once the gel is out, the metal felt so hot and sting a bit.

They massaged the upper arm all over.


One upper arm took around 20 minutes, so the total is around 40 minutes or so.

Before and after the treatment, my upper arms are measured. I lost around 1,5 cm each side.


On each treatment, the customer can see their chart where they are become slimmer and slimmer.


Right after Lipocontour is Kiloburnurn.

The room is separated from another since it has to be where it was warmer. Kiloburn use heat and vibrating thingy to help breaks down the fat and stimulate the muscle for burning the calories.

European Slimming Centre® (ESC) menghadirkan “Kiloburn”, program kesehatan tubuh dengan teknologi termutakhir sebagai pengganti olahraga. Program ini menggunakan metode Far Infrared (FIR) yang bekerja dengan cara meningkatkan metabolisme yang dapat memberikan energi ke dalam pembuluh darah, serta mempercepat proses pembakaran lemak di dalam tubuh dengan sempurna. Hanya dengan relaksasi selama 1 jam, Kiloburn dapat membakar 600 - 900 kalori yang setara dengan berolahraga jogging selama 3 jam atau sejauh 6 - 8 kilometer. Dengan Kiloburn semua manfaat dari olahraga bisa Anda dapatkan, sehingga badan lebih sehat, kuat dan berenergi.
Far Infrared (FIR) memperkuat dan memperbaiki seluruh sistem tubuh sehingga Anda menjadi lebih kuat dan sehat. Energi sehat (red energy) yang didapatkan dari sistem panas FIR yang mampu menembus kulit hingga kedalaman 2 sampai 7 cm. Tubuh kita menyerap red energy dan energi ini dapat memperbesar pembuluh darah sehingga peredaran darah menjadi lancar, serta menghasilkan keringat yang melepas toksin keluar dari pori-pori tubuh.



Fakta Masyarakat modern yang sarat dengan aktivitas mulai tidak sempat dan jarang berolahraga sehingga menyebabkan macetnya peredaran darah dan mengakibatkan tubuh mudah terserang penyakit.
Solusi Kiloburn meningkatkan dan melancarkan peredaran darah yang dapat meningkatkan sistem imun tubuh Anda. Sehingga tubuh menjadi lebih sehat dan tidak mudah sakit.


Fakta Seiring bertambahnya usia dan kurangnya olahraga dapat menyebabkan penurunan stamina yang berakibat mudah lelah, lemas dan mudah terserang penyakit.
Solusi FIR merupakan sistem mutakhir untuk memperbaiki pergerakan dan sistem sirkulasi darah, yang akan menghasilkan peningkatan stamina yang signifikan pada tubuh Anda.


Fakta Mayoritas masyarakat perkotaan sering mengkonsumsi "junk food" sebagai makanan utama, tanpa menyadari penumpukan racun yang berbahaya di kemudian harinya. Diabetes, tekanan darah tinggi dan gagal jantung adalah contoh dari sebagian besar penyakit yang timbul akibat penimbunan racun dalam tubuh.
Solusi Metode FIR merupakan solusi tercepat dan terbaik untuk proses detoksifikasi. Dengan FIR racun-racun yang terserap akan terbuang melalui keringat yang keluar dari seluruh pori-pori tubuh anda.


Fakta Asupan makanan yang tidak seimbang dan bertambahnya usia menyebabkan sistem metabolisme tubuh Anda menurun, sehingga kemampuan tubuh dalam membakar kalori dan lemak menurun.
Solusi Dengan FIR, energi sehat yang dipancarkan selama satu jam akan melancarkan seluruh peredaran darah dan membantu proses pembakaran kalori dalam tubuh Anda.
Eksklusif hanya di European Slimming Centre®

You may come directly for more details at

Komplek Sentra Niaga Blok T1/20
Puri Indah
P. (021) 5830 1457

After the gel is prepared and I was tucked in those stripes. It has to be firm enough but not to tight, it was comfortable.


And then a hot blanket is wrapped around me and the aircon is turn off. They gave me TV with the remote to help me get by. It was around 60 minutes.


It was hot and I'm sweating furiously. Like I'm in the gym and getting some hardcore exercise. The vibrating is bearable and so does the heat. I'm pretty much enjoying the treatment.

After the treatment, I felt like I just got my self a good exercise. Energized and ready for the day.

It's a good thing they provide a shower room so I can refreshed my self after all the sweats has reduced.


Imagine getting a 3 hours of workout by lying down for an hour, that's what Kiloburn do and help everyone to be in better shape. It opens my mind for those who are unwell but needed the exercise or detoxing, by getting those sweats out.


And below is the machine used for Lipocontour.


And below is the close up where we can choose which part to be treated, the energy used and time as well.


The room is comfortable, clean and has plenty of towels. They do provide basic toiletries such as shampoo and body soap but you still need to bring your own conditioner. body lotion and skincare.


Aside from the treatments that I had, there are several other options available at European Slimming Center, do visit any branch to see what kind of options they have for you.


Thank you so much European Slimming Center for giving me a try out on two of your favorite treatments, Lipocontour and Kiloburn that help me shed some kilos, 'exercised' and firmer upper arm in a single visit.

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