Wednesday, May 11, 2016

X2 Softlense ICE Silver Grey

Hello lovelies,

a few weeks ago these babies are sent to me. These are the colored lens by X2 (Exoticon).

They have a lot of type, color, and variant. Anyone could not be happier with their selections, but unfortunately the one sent to me doesn't really fit my eye's condition. My eyes are -4,25 and -6,50 and they handed me -4,25 and -6,00.


Inside each box are two lenses, so there are4 lenses given to me and 2 lenses case. The one I choose is ICE Silver grey.

There's several types of ICE, we could choose the golds or the silvers. Each has some variants as well. 6 shades in total.


I didn't have much faith in the product, in fact I was quite pessimistic, I've tried many lenses, a lot of them only last 5 hours max, only a few last for the whole day. I've tried one that can be used for 2-3 hours only and then the eyes becomes irritated.

Surprisingly, this one is very comfortable. I've been using the lenses for a week now and I found them totally enjoyable, even for 12 hours straight.

X2 is definitely cosmetic lenses but I find them comfortable enough on daily basis. I do need to use clear ones once in a while since ophthalmologist doesn't recommend cosmetic lenses every single day, so I try to use them in between.


Look how pretty they are, they made my eyes looks far more beautiful and gorgeous @_@ haha! I guess it's just made me looks different.

The product comes in a box that filled with details, from a pamphlet slipped inside to the inner side of the box where when we opened it up instructions, details and tips are written clearly.

The size of the softlenses are pretty normal 8,6 and 15.

Each lense can be used for 3 months. Do not extend the expire date and never sleep with a contact lenses overnight. Clean each time and always wash your hands before touching it. Purchase the right solution for contact lenses.


Followed all those safety tips and consult your doctor when needed. Remember that a healthy eyes are beautiful eyes.


Thank you X2 by Exoticon, hope I can try more of your gorgeous lenses.

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