Thursday, May 5, 2016

epoch Essential Oils

Hello lovelies,

these are the complete set of essential oils of epoch from Nu Skin. A series made with essential oils, in fact the brand comes up with a lot of products made from the essential oils, like aromatic stone, hair care, skincare and even for babies too.

These are the oils only, the carrier oil and the diffusers.

The one for inside the room, car and personal.


The one with metal car connector is perfect for us who travel a lot inside a car. It has a tablet that absorb the oils, we just drop some on the tablet and the plate will heat the tablet so the essential oils can start evaporating. The car will smells so good, we can choose the oils we prefer and best of all is the citrus scent as it can prevent car sickness thanks to the it's freshness, or choose lavender for a much more relaxing effect, perfect for de-stressing, or eucalyptus or any scent that naturally brings comfort and help cleans the air inside the car.


The biggest one is of course for the room. It has a glass on the outer side and inside it has a container for the water and essential oils with changeable shades of lights. We can enjoy a light match to our mood, from yellow, white, pink, purple, blue, and green.


The personal diffuser is really interesting as it was small and can even fit a small purse. I can simply use it anywhere I want, like during a meal inside a restaurant, during exercising at the gym, at the mall, or simply during a walk in a garden or at your office. The small device is enough for that moments where you need that perfect ambiance, removing bad odors, yearning for a piece of mind, or simply just about anything.


In the set, mini bottles are also provided for a mixed of our own concoction or to bring the essential oils during short trip. A carrier oils is needed when used directly on the skin. A part from that, it was made as an aromatic experience.

From the beginning of time, scents, oils, essential oils in particular has been used as a treatment method, more than just a recreational experience, it is more like a natural remedies. Back in the old days, these are their medicine.


Each has their own properties, benefit and we can even called it function.

Read them here:

Here some of the oils:

Cinnamon - Cinnamomum zeylanicum Clove - Eugenia caryophyllus

If you want other people to enjoy your home as much as you do, then Epoch Harmony Essential Oil is definitely for you! That warm, cosy feeling that screams 'home' is created by this cinnamon-clove blend essential oil. You will experience it immediately, by simply putting it on your Epoch Aromatic Stone or in your diffuser.

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus Siberian Fir - Abies sibirica

Do you enjoy the feeling of easy breathing and the cooling sensation you experience after a Hammam or sauna session? To extend this feeling, use Epoch Chill. By diffusing this eucalyptus-pine blend, you will immediately be transported back to that lovely wellness experience.

And many more on their official website.


Remember, these were made to be remedies too, so there's instruction to read and follows. Do read more to find out more and to use it to your benefit.

Thank you Nu Skin for epoch difussers and essential oils.

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