Tuesday, May 17, 2016

LLCS at PPP Laser Clinic

Hello everyone!!!

Finally, this is my final post for PPP Laser Clinic, what a ride I've been having for the past 7 days, from getting the first LLCS, Combo Treatment, the first and second one of the Special Treatment which consist of PPP Lift that I love to all the LLCS for around 7 times. It's done.


I'm going back and forth numerous time to PPP Laser Clinic at LIppo Puri Mall where I signed up for.

The place is still as mentioned on my first post (HERE) and my opinion on Combo Treatment is still the same (HERE).

So what are we going to discuss here? It's the conclusion of all those treatments and hopefully more.


Take note that this is the only place where the doctors are recommending the laser treatment as often as possible (like everyday) since it is non ablative as in doesn't burn the skin. It is fast and they said to be accurate and effective, and bla bla bla. Seriously, they do said a lot of things but I want results and I want them to be visible now.

Well, this is as far as I can go as the deal was to give me a 7 days treatments.

My favorite treatment is of course the Special Treatment where it slimming and firming to the areas treated, it helps break down fat deposits and since I think I have some more than slim people, two treatment wont really do much, so if I was ask which treatment would I prefer, it's the Special Treatment by far.


And it turns out that different doctors give different experience and really is dr.B is the worst (read my previous experience at the post for Combo) as she puts to the 'max'. Doesn't literally means the energy level, but the energy level which she thinks to be giving me maximum benefit pain. And when she is doin LLCS, other doctors never let the tool that provide lights to touch my skin while when she's doing it, 'it' kept bumping into my skin, what's wrong? I do not know as during the light therapy my eyes are securely closed.


Do I have problems with other doctors, no I'm not and the experience was very much enjoyable. I can even went 3 times in a day for LLCS and I feel fine. There are bearable pain but the doctor to reduce the energy when I said I'm in pain and in return, I have a pleasant experience.


When the energy is reduced wont I see dramatic results? Will my skin wont get much benefit like when I'm cringing? I don't think so. The acne still dries off fast and I can still see results.

If in PPP Laser Clinic the pain equals result, I don't think Laser is the kind of treatment I'm looking for.


What do I see as a final result for this 7 days journey? Radiance, smoother and softer skin texture, an even complexion (info: all of these photos doesn't involved editing in terms of facial condition nor using any makeup as the skin has to be completely cleaned during procedure), and one thing for sure, the bacterial activity on my skin is reduced, perhaps they all die from the pain.


Will I ever come back here again? Yes! Special Treatments and LLCS for sure, and Combo Treatment only if anesthetic cream is applied and not with dr. B.

Skincare does absorbed better, my skin do need far less makeup than usual, and look at the image below,


The skin do glow isn't it?!

Thank you PPP Laser Clinic for the roller coaster experience that took my skin ups and down and then up again.


  1. I always go back and forth when it comes to laser. Scare the heck out of me just to hear the word. Hihihihih... But the skin looking excellent ciii....

  2. HI Ninneta,

    Completely understood what you mean :D if you're really afraid but keen to try, get those free trial instead of committing to a package deal. And there's always anesthetic cream, that one helps me a lot!