Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Talika Bust PhytoSerum

Women all over the world have searched for the magic formula to increase bust size in a natural and above all, safe way.
Today, Talika introduces Bust Phytoserum®, a revolutionary, natural formula with clinically proven and visible firming and lifting results in just six weeks.

Talika Bust Phytoserum® is fortified by a plant based formula with an
enhanced phyto-volumising complex composed of mangosteen, quince and sea kelp bioferment.
It is this combination of the best of science technology and natural ingredients at which Talika excels and keeps women confident,empowered and looking great !

After 28 days:

+Volume: 71%*
+Firmness: 71%*
+Lift: 66%**
+Hydration: 97%*** 

* Significant increase measured on 71% of tested women – clinical test - 30 volunteers – 28 days.
** 66% of the women have observed an improvement - consumer test – 30 volunteers – 1st application.
*** 97% of the women have observed an improvement - consumer test – 30 volunteers – 42 days 1st application.

The combination of mangosteen 
Sea kelp bioferment encourages the natural retention of fats in adipocytes (fat cells) and improve skin elasticity in the chest area 
Guggul (Commiphora mukul), a resin traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine extracted from an Indian myrrh-like bush, fortifies fat storage and visibly increases breast volume. 
Naturally derived peptides reinforce firmness and breast tone. 
Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates skin. 
How to use it
Apply from the base of chest upwards and massage with large figure 8 motion up to top of décolleté. Do not use if under age 18, during pregnacy or while breast-feeding.


The product comes in this pump container with lovely soft blue color. The texture of milky greenish gel is lovely and smells fine. It is definitely not overwhelming but subtle and fresh. Fresh as in there's a slight cooling effect on the skin and when used like those skin becomes soft, smooth and plump, like really plumping. Not swelling, plump ^__^


I don't have any problem regarding the size, but I do prefer those two to be perkier, lifted and firmer.


Like when I'm using a strapless bra, no ones want to see a droppie busts, the one that works against the gravitation is considered best >.<.

In order to achieve the lifted effect, I'm using the serum by focusing on the area above the breasts are it help the muscles there to 'work' or giving the pull effect from top.


The product doesn't made me change bust sizes but it gives me a fuller look, like they were rounder and more attractive.

Due to the norm, it is not possible to show you the result, but still...
It is seen from outside, the result are real.


Within a month, my busts appear fuller, firmer and get that 'oomph' boost that made a breasts looks more ehm... alluring.

There are massaging technique as well that you could ask the staffs from Talika to demonstrate how it should be done in front of you. It was pretty simple, most of them are circular motion going up avoiding the nipples, and don't forget to apply some while massaging upwards.

Hope it helps, it works on me.

Thank you Talika Indonesia.

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