Saturday, May 21, 2016

Missha The Style Triple Perfection Shadow

Hello lovelies,

it's Missha!!! This brand has gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to their collaboration with Line. Apart from that Missha is one of the Korean brand that really made it worldwide.


They have a  lot of eye shadows, from the pencil types to gels, palette and this one, a single yet comes in trio shades, mine is number 3, Mocha Beige.

You can click on the image below to see it in larger view.


It said that in one single swipe the trio can create that perfect gradation of colors that you need for your eyes, hmm, it does took a single swipe since it is so small, like a monoshadow that comes in three shades in one compact thing.


I can use a finger, but still prefer a brush since my hands are always sweaty.

The product glides beautifully, no fallout, the color is like seen, and build-able, has shimmers and the color is just lovely, This single item can really made a difference and the gradation can be real, I just need smaller brush :D


It frames, accentuate and gives my eyes a bit of an oomph that made them appear more attractive.


The product comes in several shades and I'm happy that this one is mine, not really a fan of mocha as a drink but I guess, as a shade for eyeshadow it's pretty cool.

The color is considered natural and suitable for daily wear.


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