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Beauty Without Worry by Biokos

Hello lovelies,

a few weeks ago, I was invited by Kumpulan Emak Blogger with Biokos for an event at Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2016. The theme of the event is Beauty Without Worry where there's Beauty Talk with Sissy Prisilia, a makeup and skincare user, Dine Aisah sharing about makeup and skincare as a good investement, and the Brand Manager where she talks about Biokos as expert in providing complete set of skincare for all skin type and age, and in the same time, introducing Caring by Biokos, a Two Way Cake products that comes in several types according to the needs of the skin, and they are considered skincare makeup. 


On our table, the skincare and makeup by Biokos is ready. The skincare that becomes the highlight are the series of Derma Bright. And the makeup is the Two Way Cake Caring by Biokos.


Soon the event begin around 7 PM, the main stage is now ready. Soon the MC greeted everyone and the hosts are filling us in with product knowledge and how we can enjoy these products.


Caring Colors itself is a brand that has several Two Way Cake over the years and now collaborating with Biokos, a brand from Marta Tilaar that has a main focus of skincare, when skincare and makeup collaborate, a skincare infused makeup is born.

Skincare itself is a must in a daily routine as it help nourish our skin.

Now when a makeup is infused with skincare, it gains it benefit, not just for coverage but for the skin itself.

The Two Way Cake also contain high Uv Protection

thanks to it's technology.

The three series are:

Timeless Illuminate,

Brightening Moist,


No More Shine.

Each has their own advantages, the Timeless Illuminage for dry skin (and aging skin),

Brightening Moist is like it's title, help brightens the skin and the formula is fairer too in term of shade.


No More Shine,

like it's name, it is made for oily skin, the powder is mattefying. Just like the cover of

the packaging.


And there's also color makeup to complete our look. Look at the colors!!!


After using the products from skincare, base makeup, and color, here are my images.

The tutorial given on the stage are thorough and perfect for a beginner, so everyone in the beauty class can participate.


The makeup created is suitable for daily use, working moms like me and everyone in general.


After the beauty class. the competition begin. There are those who are picked as the best from each table.


While waiting for the judgement, here are the BB Cream used.

It can be paired with the Two Way Cake, they are working great together.


These are the products shared with us.

As seen, there are three variation of Two Way Cake and the container is slightly different too in terms of design. Brightening Moist has a bright reflective pink cover, Timeless Illumination is the only one in grey and No More Shine is in matte pink cover.

Look at the powders inside, they look different too right?!


During the event, I'm using Brightening Moist, the product has a fine texture and gives the skin a medium coverage. Adding a BB Cream before could add the coverage. The formula suitable to be used in Jakarta's hot and humid weather.


On each box, the products details are written clearly, there are details on the UV protection, full ingredients list and why it is suitable for each skin respectfully.

The shades that was given to me are a bit too dark, my skin is fair and the shades should be number 1. The image of me after using the product is above (during the event).


Each of them surely will have a fan on their own. Seems like Caring by Biokos has done series of research to see what are we looking for, some are looking for a brighter skin, some are looking for a moist effect like most Korean style makeup and some are a huge fan of anything matte as it gave them fresh looking skin.


Thank you so much for reading this post and see you on my next one!

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