Sunday, May 22, 2016

Between Pravana, Manic Panic, and Hair Manicure

Hello lovelies,

I've been experimenting with my hair again lately.

Since around high school, I've dyed my hair red, and then during college days, series of brown, light brown, highlights, dark blonde has been on and off for years. I've dyed my hair blue and purple too, but never to the phase that so bold and vivid. It was more like black with a ray of blue when the sun hits the hair, or deep violet purple.

It was on my twenties that I first try coloring my hair brightly, red is my option, and then I get a hair manicure and it opens up possibilities that colored hair can also shines so beautifully.

I'm not just talking about coloring your hair using those home kit product on your virgin hair, it was more like bleaching to the level where if you go any higher, your hair will breaks off.


I've been dying (matter of speech) to try on manic panic, they have the most intense color I know, and then I met Pravana as well. Shades like rainbow and not just a hint, but bold colorful rainbow. Also, those lovely pastels. It was really difficult to get the pastel, your hair has to be really strong for the bleach to really run through your hair, completely removing any pigment left, to be become white as a new canvas, ready to be paint.

Imagine, cotton candy, baby blue, milky yellow or cloudy lavender, it's the shades that need a really clean paper hair.

I'm not really a fan of a total pastel, and I don't think my hair can take it as well, so I get Pravana 40% and bleach my hair as instructed. And when I see that it is already so coarse, I stopped and didn't continue with 20% for a lighter shade.

At first I've dyed mine using Pink Flamingo, I love it but the color almost runs out within a month. It didn't stained anywhere like Rockability Blue (it was nuts, stain everywhere!!!) nor like Atomic Turquoise. I think Pink Flamingo is the best.


As seen above, my hair looks so fry, like super duper dry that I can get electric charge thanks to the friction.

I love the color but hate the dryness.

So I remember hair manicure, asking around from salon to salon, it is still as expensive as before, around Rp. 800.000 for my length. I need it so bad but since I bleach and dyed my hair by myself, why not do the hair manicure as well.

So I bought some from Tokopedia and choose green and purple. It was from L'Oreal called Nuancelle. They are actually comes in many shades, but most shops only sell red, brown and clear (like it was the most sought after). If you're not sure about your hair color or doesn't want to be change, use the clear one as it is perfect for pastel colored hair.

What does it do?

It is actually a deep treatment that add a hint of color to the very damaged hair and mostly about the gloss. Don't try using it as a hair colorant as the color is fading on each wash, oh right, like manic panic too, but use hair manicure products to get that awful state back to looking good.

A lot of salon has this kind of treatment, there are some Korean salon in Indonesia that have their own brand of hair manicure (not L'Oreal).

I saw on Habb and they do have many pretty pastel shades on their hair manicure section. 


How to use a hair manicure?

Clean your hair first using a shampoo, then towel dry the hair and apply the formula all over the hair avoiding scalp, So never let the formula touches the scalp. Just like coloring the hair, I prefer using a brush instead of a coloring brush like shown about, it was too thin and when the hair is wet, it pulls more than helps applying.

Leave them on by using a cling wrap (like the one for food) just wrap your hair like using a shower cap and it is best to heat it up a bit. I'm sitting near a hot water or using a blow dryer in a hot mode.

Around 20 minutes and then open the cling wrap. Let it stay in room temperature for 5 minutes before rinsing everything off. It was like a series of endless colored water and it will still stain your towel for days and days. Clear is best for sure, I'm getting them in clear once I've finished with these two.

This time, I only use half of the container, I want to use all but half of it is suffice. A tube cost me around 125.000 Rupiah, so the price is definitely cheaper than in salon. But in a hair salon, you'll get professional help plus the application must be better and far more even.  I'm using two mirrors, one in my right to the back and the other in front. Use your favorite angle to get them done. Always brush your hair before coloring or applying hair manicure, it helps a lot!

Since the shade I'm choosing is green and not turquoise like my hair color, it changes it shade to what it is below.


Look at my hair now, it is not as dry as before hair treatment. On all the picture here, both images are taken after shower and just drying my hair using a hair dryer. So the condition are clearly different one to another.

The differences are visible, touchable and definitely I can manage my hair better than before.

People I met are shocked looking at my hair now as it is not as dry as it was. Like they were confuse, the more I colored my hair, the less dry it become, it was hair manicure for sure.


There are pros and cons in all the things I've done at home (from bleaching, coloring with manic panic, and then hair manicure), especially bleaching since when getting a professional help, they know until which stage the hair can 'survive' the bleach. Bleach will always damaged your hair, made them dryer and definitely ruins you if you overuse it. Same goes with coloring and hair manicure, getting help means they should do a better job than you alone, so it means a more 'artistic' and even application.

The thing is, when you done things at home, everything is in your hands. Never let those chemicals touches the scalp. Look what it did to the hair, you don't want any of that to get into your system than it already did. If it hurts you on the scalp, don't do it, it's not worth it and letting anyone hurts you like that plus you have to pay for them, it's a big no no.

Once I had my hair manicure at a famous salon, and the stylist accidentally dripped some on my scalp, he tried to removed it like crazy and bleed my scalp. It was very painful.

I also bleach my hair once and the stylist (other place, other time) apply them on my scalp, it was also very painful.

Let's just say I have pretty bad experience with salons. So now, I'm only went to places I can really trust. I'm scared to get hurt again, physically and financially.


So, if you want to try DIY your hair, always read, read and read the manual, instruction and details needed. Side effects and cons should be fully studied before hand.

Tips from me, relax! It always took longer than you think. Prepare everything well and go easy on your self, don't be to tense. There are tons of brands, colors and types you could choose, get the one that matches your lifestyle.

Most hair colorant are best to be used on dry dirty hair as in let your hair be unwashed at least 24 hours.
Manic panic need to be applied on dry and cleaned hair, so wash your hair and then dry them completely using a hair dryer and then apply the product.
Hair manicure is applied on a cleaned and semi dry hair, wash your hair cleaned and then use a towel, when there's no more drips, the product can be applied.

For girls, never get your hair done during PMS and during your period, it hurts you more. I learned this the hard way.

Hope it helps <3 br="">

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