Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Hello lovelies,

this is my first review on Cetaphil, a brand that made it's name through products for sensitive skin. Very sensitive skin.

And I'm one of those people. I'm tired trying items that actually made my skin worst. I do have dry skin and over the years it seems that they are getting out of hands. It wasn't that bad at first, like during my twenties, I can simply use any body lotion and skincare, nowadays, if I'm using a wrong product, I'll have psoriasis.


Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream contains a superior system of extra-strength emollients and humectants clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss. The result is long-lasting relief for even severely dry skin. The non-greasy formula is excellent for hands, feet, elbows, knees, and any other areas that require intensive moisturization.

• Intense and lasting moisture to replenish sensitive, dry skin — great for eczema-prone and very dry skin
• Clinically proven to provide immediate, long-lasting hydration that soothes dry, itchy skin
• Unique formula attracts water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss
• Quick absorbing, rich, non-greasy
• Fragrance-free, mild, non-irritating
• Available sizes: 3oz, 8.8oz, 16oz


After using Cetaphil for quite some time as my body lotion, the skin are definitely getting better. From the first use, the skin becomes comfortable, there's a slight cool and fresh effect, especially on areas where psoriasis occur. It is wonderful.

The fragrance free formula comes in this white cream that feels so light and definitely my favorite. Unlike other creams like body butter and so that was sticky and uncomfortable, it made the skin feels greasy and the skin can hardly breath. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is superb! The skin loves it.


A lot of similar products usually contain lanolin, I don't have a problem with lanolin, but a lot of people do, they even get allergic reaction to it. Since Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is fragrance, paraben, and lanolin free, the cause of most sensitivity has been reduced.

The non comedogenic formula means it doesn't clogged the skin, therefor it is an assurance for a more convenience and safety. 


Is it made for the face?

No, on the official website it was made for the body. But they do have other products made for the face.



A great product that I do recommend for anyone with chronic dry and sensitive skin. It helps me a lot and I think those with very dry skin can enjoy as well. I can use it on my heels, knees and elbows, area that the skin usually becomes so dry, but on every part of my body, it feels good as well. And the best part is, they doesn't leave any greasy nor sticky remarks. Imagine a very powerful moisturizing cream that melts like ice sorbet on the skin and leave only freshness and comfort behind. Love it to the max!


Don't forget to pair it up with a good cleanser made for sensitive skin as well and stay tune for my next review, the cleanser from Cetaphil.


Thank you.

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