Thursday, May 19, 2016

BB, CC, and DD cream

Hello lovelies,

these are the two of the samples I got from Korea Buys. I usually don't review samples so the title would be about DD and BB Cream.

As BB Cream itself need no further introduction, the blemish balm has been recreated many times by different brands, shade, formula and so on, still with the same thing in mind, a creamy product with makeup particles that cover blemish. Blemish can be known as acne, redness, spots and so on, created to cover imperfection during downtime after ones went into a plastic surgery.

It contain high SPF and usually very easy to be used with natural effect.

And we all know about CC Cream as well, Color Corrector that even out skin tone, ease out discoloration and makes them somewhat neutral. Like pale skin to have a rosy pink tone, or those with redness to have a calm healthy skin tone, yellowish to be brighter, and so on.

Now, DD Cream, consider as the newest (and probably there's more to come after this) is made as a Dark Diminish Cream.


The product sent to me happens to be from a'pieu.


I'm using it on a clean skin right after skincare. Using a soft sponge, blending the formula and it instantly brightens my skin.


My skin looks evenly fair, especially on pictures. The coverage is mild to medium, doesn't really give coverage as BB Cream, the product do contain SPF and PA++.

And DD Cream can be used under a CC Cream, at least for me.


Adding a BB Cream from Yadah, a product also from Korea that comes in this super cute design.

The product is like any other BB Cream, it is creamy, in skin color, and easily blend as well. Compared to all three, DD Cream has the lightest texture, CC is in the middle and kinda like primer, and BB Cream is usually the heaviest and give the skin more coverage than all three.


I'm using the same sponge as the DD Cream and look at my skin, almost every blemish are covered.


And my skin still look pretty much bright from the DD Cream. Do I need to add CC Cream? I don't think so, for me it's either CC + BB Cream or DD + BB Cream but never DD + CC + BB Cream, that would be too much.


With the BB Cream, I didn't use any loose powder for this image, just use some color makeup that are also given at the Beauty Box from that I'll definitely share one by one.


If you want a cream that helps brighten the skin and nothing else, DD Cream is for you, it gives your look a fair finish like no other. CC Cream correct your skin tone, suitable for those who are too pale, have redness, dull, or want their skin to glow more since there's one in gold. And BB Cream is Perfect for overall complexion in terms of coverage but there's BB Cream that comes in greyish tone, so you might need a DD/CC Cream to tackle it.

BB Cream also has stronger staying power.

That's it, I hope this post somewhat helps and ...

See you on my next post.

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