Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact

Hello lovelies,

with the recent event with Estee Lauder, some products are shared to me, these three babies are the products mentioned.

I've shared on my previous post about the Micro-Essence (HERE).


The product I'm going to share today is one of my favorite from Estee Lauder, it's Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact.



Dewy. Luminous. Hydrating. Liquid makeup in an innovative, spill-proof compact. Gives you 8-hour wear at the push of a button.
Enriched with an intense tri-moisture complex, this makeup is a different formula than our original Double Wear Stay-in-Place liquid foundation. It leaves skin looking dewy, luminous, smooth and natural.
Press the button for your custom look—once for a light touch, twice for more coverage.
Take it everywhere. In shades for all skintones.


The details are provided well on the packaging. It has almost every information you need from the ingredients to what does it do.


The product itself is a round like a compact powder, but instead of compact, it's liquid foundation. Similar to Double Wear, only finer and thinner.


How to Use
The First Time
Peel off sticker on the compact base. Press button several times until makeup starts to flow.
Apply after your skincare regimen. Smooth on with the sponge or fingertips. Press button to release makeup: once for a light touch, twice for more coverage.
After Every Use
Wipe off excess makeup from the compact base with a clean tissue. Shut compact tightly.
To Clean Sponge
Wash gently with mild soap and warm water. Squeeze gently to release excess water. Do not twist or bend sponge. Lay on a flat surface to air dry.


Dewy. luminous. hydrating. liquid compact makeup.
Medium to Full, Buildable
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

Like mentioned on the data shared on their official website, when first use, peel off the sticker and find the white round thingy, then gently pressed the part where it looks like a 1/8 of a circle on the bottom part. The liquid foundation will comes out and the first thing I do notice is that it does far more liquid than the original Double Wear.

Double Wear is  famous for being so powerful in terms of coverage, long wear and it stays like nothing else. Imagine you're in an Indonesian wedding where the bride need to stay gorgeous from 4 am till 10 pm on the same day. This foundation do the job's done.

But there's a catch, it dries and sets so fast that sometime we need to add a bit of their iconic Advance Night Repair serum to help the product to stays liquid a bit longer.

Now, comes a product that is made for daily lifestyle, the one that everyone can use but still has the trademark of a Double Wear.


Comes with the sponge, a pretty hard one, a sponge that becomes my first to have this kind of consistency and density.

It's unlike any other sponge I've tried or had before.

It is tricky to pick up the whole foundation, even if it's just a single pump, like seen on the image above, there's still a lot left on the top of the opening.

The opening sealed closed again when it is not pumped, so in terms of hygienic, I guess it is.

Just remember to clean the surface after each use, which is a bit of a hassle.


Mine is in Bone 1W1, there's a round 20 shades, you should be able to find your perfect match.


Talking about hassle, does it worth?

Below is me after using the product. Look how flawless my skin becomes. And it has the thin and airy feeling like using none. This is probably the biggest highlight. Young generation nowadays doesn't like using 'heavy' foundation, we prefer lightweight product that provide coverage yet still looking like we're using none. Think about no makeup makeup.


It doesn't meant that the product can't be layered, it has ability to be build into the 'thickness' that we want. I can also use concealer, compacts, loose powder, and other products that add perfection and flawless finish to the ones that I preferred.

When I want a matte finish, I add more loose powder, especially the mattefying loose powder.  If I prefer radiance or glowing complexion, I don't need to add some, just a dust will do.

The product itself provide a velvety look.


I can adjust my look into many sides of me, from the bold, natural and daily to a complete daily look with minimum makeup that highlights the perfection of the skin.


Overall, a liquid foundation that comes in a unique container with a sponge that is too hard to be used, at least for me, I prefer using a foundie brush.

In terms of simplicity and easy to be used, it does, the product is user friendly in so many ways, but for those who are looking for a heavy duty foundation will prefer the original Double Wear Foundation with it's thickness and durability.

It doesn't meant that the Liquid Compact doesn't stay, on my skin, it does stays for around 6 hours without touch up, which is enough for my daily activity. Adding dusts of loose powder can add a good 2 hours.

Since the formula is lighter, it is also cleaned easier, I use my favorite cleansing oil and it's all gone in a single rinse without the need for a double cleansing. But I guess it depends on how good your makeup remover is :D

Thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia for the lovely products, it made me look flawless in a lighter way possible without looking cakey whatsoever. The product sets nicely with an ample of time for me to blend. Can be used alone or with loose powder, either way, I love the product!


  1. aaaah~ kulit ci nellin memang udah bagus juga kann. hihi. kepengen cobain :D

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