Saturday, May 21, 2016

SkinFood My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner

Hello lovelies,

here's another product from Skin Food, it's a Liquid Eyeliner,

My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner


  • Details
    A liquid eyeliner that creates clear and clean eyelines with a single touch. *How to Use: Close your eye and fill in between eyelashes to draw eyelines.

The product from the packaging, shade (deep black) and comes in a brush with pot filled with 'ink' is rather typical and like any other product. But when pay attention to the formula, it has this unique differences.

The ink is slimy, I meant it doesn't look like a slime at all bit has that silkiness and slipperiness like a slime. It was like a slimy gel that feels so good on the eyelids, it was really silky and smooth.


The brush also feels so fine, it's very comfortable on the eyelids. But since it was very fine and soft, it has less control than a firm one. And the gel doesn't dries easily, it need a good time to completely set.


When being patience, the result is pretty good. The solid black color is satisfying and the formula never irritate my eyes.


It has a good staying power but doesn't really stand a chance against my greasy eyelids, I have to made them set better by using a primer and added some loose powder.


Still, the unique consistency had me at hello, it was a good product and Skin Food do pays attention on their ingredients, so I'm still happy having it and knowing that I'm using one that cares.

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Healthy skin starts with food.
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