Monday, May 16, 2016

Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield™ CCCover

Hello lovelies,

once again Lancome develop a new product with breakthrough technology and insight.

We all know the effects of UV rays from the sun and even some lights, yet we forget about other types of lights that might be around us and stays with us even after the sun goes by and the moon came. It's the ray from the blue light. Radiation comes from our daily things such as computers, smartphones and even TV.


Exposed on a daily basis to luminous and environmental pollution that detracts from its radiance, clarity and youthfulness, the skin is put to the test day after day. In order to stay fresh and luminous, it must be protected from the combined harmful effects of its aggressors.
To meet this need, Lancôme has created UV Expert XL-Shield CCCover SPF50 PA++++, high protection against everyday aggressors, designed to:
- Combat the seven factors of the skin’s “Exposome”. This invisible protective veil shields the skin from the damage generated by short and long UVA rays, UVB rays, free radicals, adherent urban pollution particles and – for the first time at Lancôme – blue light.
- Correct imperfections and skin dehydration.
- Cover and conceal an uneven complexion.


Comes in 4 shades of Light Beige, Fresh Rosy, Natural Nude, Flawless Bright.

These are the swatches the order as shown.


The shades are mild and doesn't really made a huge differences as it is light in coverage, so it is definitely not a foundation.

It become like a sheer or hint of shades. Reminds me of a tinted moisturizer which only give a subtle tone.

The differences that it made is that the CCCOver provide an ample sun protection SPF 50 PA ++++, and cover not just the UVA and UVB but the blue light I've mentioned above. It's like superb! Use this for an all day long protection from the sun, radiation and effects from the lights as well as heat we would like to avoid.


Imagine how many hours we spend on the phone, either calling, browsing or even playing.

I don't have time to play games nowadays but I used to be an avid player. So I love playing video games, sitting down for hours and now through iPad, I can do it just about anytime.


Not to forget my hours with social medias.

I stay in front of my laptop around 2-3 hours per day. During events, I have to go out and get exposed by the sun around 2-3 hours as well. The lights are often so bright on the makeup studios, plus the phone, the one that gives me the most radiation due to the 'closeness'. Imagine an 12-15 hours of exposure, the skin will surely suffer.

Start from being dry to allergic reaction like redness, swelling, and so on.

Lancome even made a research where the problems made by blue light is a larger dark spots in term of sizes compared to the ones caused by the sun, so don't get too excited using the high sunblocks yet it doesn't provide 'umbrella' from the blue light.


I personally using Fresh Rosy, it has a subtle pink tone that made my skin looks prettier. It blends really well and doesn't gave me noticeable white cast. It has a faint coverage but do gives the skin a mild soft focus effect. The high protection from the sun, man made lights and blue light by the electronic items is spot on.

Couldn't ask for more.


Thank you Lancome Indonesia.

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