Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PPP Laser Clinic Special Treatment

Hello everybody,

this is my first post for PPP Laser Clinic. A place where all laser treatments and others are possible (all facial).

They are currently have many branches in Jakarta and one is at Lippo Puri Mall.


The design is clean, white and blue details. Everything is written clearly on their walls and we can ask some questions at the front desk staff.

They have several treatments and the ones I'm trying (and will be trying) are 2x Special Treatment, 7x Laser & Light Cleansing System (LLCS), and 1x PPP Combo (Micro Laser + Warm Touch + LLCS).

This post is for my first visit and trying their Special Treatment.


Everything looks fine in front but inside was kinda a bummer. They don't have rooms like most clinics that I've visited, between one client and another are curtains. The bed is in super single size and the space is tiny. We can literally reach the other person's hand when we reach out to each other. Or at least close enough.

The consultation is a 1-2 minutes brief but doesn't really listen or look at the patient's client's needs, I've told the doctor that my pain tolerance are pretty low and I don't need nor want instant result, and they still put the laser on medium instead of low like I asked her to. The doctors insisted on maximum impact.

It was definitely not not painful, so there are pain involved, like tiny ants biting on my skin, or tiny needles touching the skin. And the heat on some areas are really uncomfortable.

I've tried laser treatments at other clinics and has been doing this laser treatments for years since 2010 in Singapore, and so far, PPP Laser Clinic gave me the most pain. And talking about pain, on my next post I'll share about PPP Combo which hurt me the most and made my skin so red (read it on my next posts ya).


I though Special Treatment was quite unique. It is definitely not as painful as the Combo, but during LLCS it is. LLCS is given on each treatment. When the laser is 'shoot' on me, it was the one that I said has many needles touching the skin, or like ants biting on the skin.

There's heat as well, but during Special Treatment, a roller is massaged on the skin using a cream as the 'lubricant', this one is my favorite part as it helps slimming and firming my chin.


Above is me, when arrived at the clinic, still looking so naive, don't know what do I get myself into.

Below is me inside the 'curtain cells', first our skin is being cleaned from everything that might 'bother' the laser or the treatments.


When the skin is completely cleaned by using a cleansing cream and foaming facial wash, a white cream is applied with a roller like tool that breaks fat, tone and firming the area it touches. The white cream itself said to contain collagen.


I asked the staff to put attention on my chin are I hate to have double chin and wants a firmer jawline.


This treatment is comfortable and I have nothing against it.


Right after it, my eyes are closed for the laser treatment and Light Cleaning System where the red lights are bombarded (it involves no pain whatsoever but different doctor different method I suppose, the doctor during my first visit doesn't involve touching my skin at all during the Light Cleaning System while the second one kept 'bumping' the tool on my skin during the Light Cleansing System).

During LLCS since my eyes are closed, no photos could be taken, I told the staff to please help me took pictures, she said yes, and then disappear into thin air and no where to be seen. So sorry for no images where taken during LLCS.

How about my feeling during LLCS, when the laser is 'applied' it has pain and heat (not warm, heat) felt on the skin, but that's it. When the doctor is done, I don't feel pain anymore. No redness nor discomfort, except for a few bumbs on my forehead and chin area that disappear after a night. The doctor already warned me about this and she said it is alright and no special treatment is needed.

What made me feel odd is that, in other clinics, I was told to avoid sun light, warm water, exercise, or any other treatment, some even said to be for a full week after. In PPP, they don't put any 'warning' on after care. Just advice on using s good sunscreen and avoid night cream that promote exfoliating, and that's it.


Conclusion on PPP Laser Clinic Special Treatment:

A quick treatment that only involve 20-30 minutes of my time from cleansing to therapy. It was fast and definitely suitable for those looking for instant or immediate effects on their skin. At least it is far more faster than using skincare or other method that I know (non surgical). Clients can see result within days or even hours (depends on the skin's condition). Those who have low pain tolerance should insist on lowering the energy of the laser, especially those who have very sensitive and dry skin. Even though the laser treatment eventually help the skin's condition but the process of getting there should be convenience too. 

Tips from me, bring your own moisturizer, since the one given by them is only suitable for normal to oily skin type with low sunscreen (SPF 15), so do bring your own skincare from toner, serum and moisturizer that promote hydration, moisturizing mask will also be good to be used right after the treatment. And never forget to use a very good and high protection sunblocks every day whenever the time says morning, day and before sun rise. Remember that removing your dark spots is PAINFUL, so it is best to prevent one.

Will I come back here? Definitely, I want another Special Treatment please and still want to see how my skin will turn out after the whole process is done.

Thank you PPP Laser Clinic Indonesia.

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