Saturday, May 7, 2016

Naturecia Brightening Exfoliator

Hello lovely,

this is Naturecia Brightening Exfoliator. I've made a quick review on my youtube channel, here:


It is a quick one minute video in Bahasa Indonesia that shows about the product and how it exfoliate my skin instantly.

On some people (I watched on their youtube channel) their skin becomes instantly fairer, but on me, it still the same shade, perhaps because I'm fair enough. It's not because it doesn't exfoliate, as seen on the video, it surely exfoliate, rice size dead skins are accumulate here and there, clearly a sign that the product does work.

Let's learn more about the product shall we?!


The product comes with a box. The details are mostly written there instead of the tube.

The tube is in brick red color and the details are in gold. The box is in gold and red.


The product itself is very easy to be used, use on dry skin, apply the gel, spread it on the skin, and immediately, the dead skin cells will coagulated.


Above is the list of ingredients and on their official website
morus alba, citrus junos, lentil, and aloe vera.


This is the gel, a bit cloudy, a hint of blue and looks so cute.


And within seconds, those dead skin cells are accumulating on my skin, seems like I have a lot -__-'


I test some on my family members, the dead skin cells accumulated will have the same color as the skin, mine is white, those with darker skin tone will have darker color dead skin as well. And apparently, I have the most dead skin cells in the family haha!

On the skin of my family members that are darker, their skin does visibly become fairer too. It's impressive. However those who have hairs on their skin will slightly feel the cringe when the dead skins are gathered on their hair, it will give a like a pinch when pulled/removed.

Overall, it is a good product that helps removed dead skin cells that anyone can use. It helps even out skin tone and the skincare works better since the skin has less things on the way. The product is comfortable to be used and so far doesn't irritate anyone skin in my family (kids excluded).

Tips: Remember not to over exfoliate your skin, use as needed and always use a good sunscreen on daily basis to help reduce the risk of skin problems from darker skin tone, dark spots to even skin cancer.

So, thank you Naturecia, I have less dead skin cells now ^__^

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