Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shiseido 140 Anniversary

Hi all!

I'm here to give you a full report on Shiseido 140th Anniversary in Indonesia.

The event is held in Grand Hyatt, one of the most promenade hotel in Jakarta and like Shiseido as well, one of the most famous and promising beauty brand in the world. Wowza!

This is me with Ms. Sien Lie from Shiseido, we are both dressed for the success of Shiseido more years to come in Indonesia and the world.

All the arrays of skincare and makeup too are presented and ready for any guests for a quick touch up and even purchases too. They have special promotion on that day, envy much?!

Inside the Krakatau Room the guests are all ready for the show to begin, wait show? Yes, there will be fashion show for us and it would be a glamorous one, elements and makeup plus accessories combined. Who are the people behind it?

Hanna Amalia (The expert of Beauty Elements)
Widhi Budimulia (Fashion Designer)
Elizabeth Wahyu (Accessories Designer)

I got to think what is this signs surrounding the Shiseido 140 Anniversary, squares and circles, please do read more details here:

And other details regarding the products, brands, and company can be found in Shiseido.com ^__^

Now, let's start the show shall we?!

Here come the pretty MC and she officially welcome all of us to the event and the guests are happy, eager and excitement is in the air. I can see some even get their camera ready for what we gonna see \^0^/

Bam bam bam from the beauty elements presented (fire, water, wood, land, and metal) to a little discussion with the fashion designer, accessories designer and of course Shiseido, we are here, we are officially celebrating the 140 years of Shiseido in this world. Giving us beauty from the east, where beautiful skin takes part, enhanced by their natural makeup for that beautiful looking ladies and for being themselves.

Beauty if a part of esthetics.

It was decades, a beauty of transformation of the brand's firm philosophy that has been establish over this century.

Now, the highlight of the event is the fashion shows, where the guests are indulged with the beautiful dress and gowns where elements takes center stage that day. And on the back we can also see the wide screen gives us makeups by Shiseido for the world class shows. It was beautiful.

That's it all! See you next time and congratulations for Shiseido on their 140th Anniversary!!

Thanks for inviting me and hope to see you all again soon!

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