Monday, July 23, 2012

Aqua Shadow by Make Up For Ever

Hi all!

I'm here with Make Up For Ever newest products which is the lines that loves Aqua, meaning ...  so waterproof you can even use it for swimming ^__^

Images can be found in and you've seen the Aqua Liner and their other range, here comes the Aqua Shadow!!

Waterproof Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil

Aqua Shadow dresses the eyes in pearly natural or matte smoky shades, all intense and irresistible. With its large tip and creamy texture, it can be applied in a single stroke, leaving behind exactly the right amount of product. Its unprecedented texture quickly covers the eyelid; it stays perfectly in place and does not highlight skin creases. Its buildable coverage enables natural as well as sophisticated makeup results, and it is easily blended with the fingertips.

Aqua Shadow come in 12 shades and during the workshop (click HERE) each of the bloggers can't choose their shades, so it's pretty much a cat in the box haha! So excited and I got mine in 4E

Matte Taupe Grey

This is the image of the product and below is a video of my first time using it ^0^

Haha! I can't believe I say dark brown . . . it's grey ya, not dark brown XD

And yep, I definitely need to learn how to make it more precise and let that perfect angle achieved.
The pencil can be sharpened using a large round pencil sharpener.

I really like how bold the shade is, I was told by other bloggers that their shades also vivid, the pale pink, look vividly like a pale pink should be, the black one so universal and for most of us it was an instant love. My sister also really like it, we can use as thin or as thick as we want it to. And the waterproof part was almost surreal haha! Really love it, perfect for a hot and humid summer and pool party will never be the same.

This is my before after tool. My right eye lid has used it and it stays there. Aqua Shadow gives my lid a depth and definition it needs. I didn't look naked anymore.

For the waterproof-ness, I used it all day long in a hot and sweaty day, watching tear-full drama and yes, it stands through it all. Including some wiping and a whole lot of touching.

A bit tips for me, the Aqua Shadow is waterproof and smudge-proof after it set, so if you want to use different color or created some smokey-ness, smudge it right after the application and don't wait too long.

Overall? Love it!

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