Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My New Stripes

Last week I went to Shinjuku Premium Salon. Mr Audid, the talented owner is not around so I trust the stylist there can help me out.

These pictures are my before conditions. My hair need some styling and repairs, plus touch ups too ^__^

It is not pretty isn't it?! So let's make 'em gorgeous again!

Start by the touch up!

Meanwhile, my sister also get her mini makeover with just a hair cut, her look become refreshed and it shows that the simplest thing can make a big difference ^0^

This is me after the touch up, the hair color become event now with a soft glow. Now, let's add some groove!

Foils are added, inside the creams of highlights are there and stripes are defining. No more mono-tone.

And here it is, my new hair colors, highlights and style.

Below is Mr. Tiyas, the man responsible for the stripes ^__^ he is available in Shinjuku Premium Salon or call them directly for further details

Visit Shinjuku Premium Salon at Kuningan City Mall Lt.1 No 58
Phone: (021) 3048 0775

Get your new hair style and designs, today!