Friday, July 6, 2012

Magic Tricks of Anna Sui

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I was invited by Anna Sui for their Magic Tricks ^^ in Seibu Beauty Lounge. Only a very few beauty bloggers are selected and we are so happy to be a part of Anna Sui Indonesia.

I arrived first and take my chances in taking pictures, all for me ... and you haha! I can't help with! I want them all!

The pamphlet, don't forget to get yours at their counter and be inspired with the look, dedication and get ready to fall in love with Anna Sui.

And aaawwhhh, there you go, you'll fallin' in love right? I want the table, the products and every colors that she have. I love how she speaks freedom in every detail where she decides what's she like and don't like. Many other brands thinks with what the people or consumer wants and neglect the individuality and uniqueness in one's mind and creativity, making a difference and embrace one's memory or her childhood dreams and memory.

The beautiful collections of rose cheeks, lip gloss and eye liner. All infused with Tea Rose, in fact all of Anna Sui's products are Tea Rose scented. All? Yes, all! Even the nail polish.

How do I know? I tried them while waiting for the other bloggers to come ^0^ first one is in gold, glittery gold.

A total of 5 colors are there, I love the blue, it is perfect during my edgy days, and the glitters of orange and gold are wonderful on top of other shade as it creates illusion and hues. The green or Tosca is superb and bring calmness to me, while the sparkling ruby red is delicious and seduction in every angle. 

Calming isn't it? Imagining myself in Greece and overlooking at the Tosca colored view in front. Something magically refreshing and speaks RELAX *-*

I heard you! Many already kept on asking the prices of these wonderful goodies. See above and below picture ya!

Click it and see them in larger view.

And after strolling around again and again, all the bloggers finally here ^^ and after introduction on Anna Sui Indonesia and how event all the staff shares how they actually a fans of Ms.Anna Sui and her products as well, we begin the Magic Tricks.

Thank you so much Anna Sui for letting me become the model that day ^_^ I'm so into this!

Before                   After the base

Why do I give you a blur before? It's like when you're taking pictures or like many others do, we like to change it into soft focus so the skin will look smooth, soft and even toned. Guess what? With Anna Sui new makeup base and liquid foundation, you got that smooth, pore-less and even toned skin with all the focus in the world. Cool isn't it?

The ingredients inside also helps the skin to reflect lights way better than any conventional makeup base and foundation, so you'll skin will have this glow and radiant. The feeling? Ultra light makeup that gives me coverage I need without any stuffiness and my skin can breathe easily \^0^/

Now the Beauty Trainer from Anna Sui, continues with the eyes. I ask for a colorful spring and look how colorful it is!

And she's not done yet, after coloring my brows, cheeks, and lips, I'm ready!

One thing that you can always get from Anna Sui is the simplicity of each and every products. She wants makeup to be fuss-free and super easy. Will I try to make something on my own? Definitely! Just wait for my next post ya, hey, believe me, if I can do it, you all can!

Now, after getting the makeover, let me shares with you some of the item that I think a must have. Anna Sui's Loose Powder, details from

A Must-have to set your makeup in an instant! The fine powder creates a soft, luminous satin finish that will keep your makeup all day long!

And of course, the base that make all of this possible ^__^ haha no lah, they all work together to create a luminous effect on my face.

Foundation Primer with SPF 30 PA ++:

Instantly smooth skin is possible with this ultra-lightweight foundation primer!
New innovated creates even out skin unevenness with “Trick of Light” technology, enhancing smoothness, natural skin radiance and foundation’s even distribution. Also formulated with Cover Powder that protects skin against harmful UV rays without leaving a white residue.

And here they are, all the things that contribute to my look yesterday, thank you girls! You've done an amazing job, and I love you all so much!

And while waiting for the girls (other bloggers) and their makeover, I play some more, and this is why I said it is so juicy and seductive.

I'm with Anna Sui's BA and she is wearing Anna's designed clothes! Cute, super cute!

Ms. Pricila is done! Let me take a picture with her!

Waiting for the other blogger haha! I kept playing around and use the gold sprinkles on top of my Tosca and they become friends in an instant.

Me in the shade. Waiting for Ms.Carryna, and she is done!

Three of us, wearing Anna Sui's cosmetics, happy and beautiful! You must read Priscilla's blog for her makeover and stuffs from Anna Sui that she loves and Carryna's too! She is using the pink mascara and looks so pretty with it. So you must must must must check their blog ya! 

And here we are! From the left is Anna Sui Indonesia Beauty Trainer (the one that gave me makeover) all the girls with the uniform is the BA ^0^ Pricilla, Me, Carryna and Ms. Indri. Unfortunately the Senior Trainer has went back already, but fret not, next time I see her, I'll take a picture with her as now we both shared the same love . . . Anna Sui. 

Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia and see you all real soon with more reviews coming up!