Monday, July 9, 2012

Shiseido Perfect Mascara (BK 901) and Silky Eye Shadow Quad (Rose Tones)

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Nothing beats the freshness of a morning and a fresh new blog post thanks to Shiseido. Their 140th Anniversary is just up (blog post coming soon) and with these are some of the stuffs they gave me. Shiseido is famous for their skincare as well as makeup, herewith I give you two of the items, the Perfect Mascara mine in BK 901, black, and Silky Eye Shadow Quad (quad means four) in Rose Tone.

The loooks is suitable for a romantic look if paired up with pink cheeks and lips, but today I give you some twist that can be uses daily like work or other occasion.

This is my before after picture where one only done the base and the after is after everything ^^. For the base I use Skin Inc CC Cream and Revlon two way cake (wet and dry) and loose powder moisturizing effect by Revlon as well. For the brow, Givenchy in dark brown.

The cheeks are the after shot is using Estee Lauder in peach and the lips are Revlon butter in nude (vanilla) top it off with a bit pink from Estee Lauder lipstick. Both very moisturizing.

Now, let's see the tutorial.

Silky Eye Shadow Quad is so easy to use and they do provide the tutorial and guidance for your convenient, but it doesn't always goes that way, you can mix and match and have your own style on the go.

The powder is somewhat broken easily with my brush and since I really like my brush for it's precision I guess it might be too 'sharp' for the eye shadows.

Btw, here's a details from for the product:

Ultra-smooth eye shadows that glide on with shimmering translucent color.

・Gives lustrous dimensional color with Full Saturated Color Powder.
・Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizer.

They are soft alright in terms of texture but the color also comes out, not very vivid or high pigmented, but I think it's more to the natural taste. Just swipe them in the order of the darker below and as it goes lighter move it on upwards. And after that do not forget to...

blend it well, so the looks become more natural. However nowadays many trends are coming so you can do what you want and makeup should gives you freedom to express yourself not limiting. In blending you can use different brush which is bigger or same size as well. Sometime I even wait for everything is done then blend it gently with a big brush.

We move to the mascara as seen above. It does create some kind of fiber wig and an instant look of longer and darker lashes. I didn't use any curler before.

・All-day Beautiful Finish.
・Proven Smudge-proof Formula.
・Easy to Remove with Warm Water.

It does stays on whole day ... if you're not crying, cry means teardrops coming down and fresh tear drop is warm, so if you cry the mascara that touches the warm teardrop will fall as well. But it is easy to clean and I can testify the smudge proof formula ^^

Am I satisfy with these products? Hmm, for the eye shadow, it was more to the natural than vivid dramatic colors, and the mascara dribbles away once there are tears, but the good news is they don't smudge and there's no panda eyes, just black tiny drops that can be swipe sweep swoop with tissue or cotton (or just fingers) and voila, clean areas again. So, I give both of the products 3,5 out of 5 stars ^__^ for being stays on for almost the whole day and soft + smooth look.

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