Thursday, July 19, 2012

Naturally Glamorous Blush on in 05 Red Apple

Another product from Revlon is here.

It's their Blush on in Red Apple. At first hearing the name I thought it was something bold and red like Snow White's red apple kinda thing, but inside, it was something mild and cotton candy like.

I use it after finished with the base and the loose powder too. The blush is kinda cool too and the color is refreshing. I really dislike the brush, it was too rough and plain. It is not smooth and for my delicate cheeks, they are not friendly so I suggest to use another brush with better material and quality.

The cheek color itself is pretty and suitable for daily makeup without being bold. So natural it is and quite smooth. It doesn't have special ingredients, it just colors for the cheeks and nothing's more.

Affordable product that doesn't surpass their price in terms of quality and suitable to be used daily, it provide a fresh color and choice for your daily lifestyle.

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