Sunday, July 15, 2012

Candy Doll Liquid Foundation in 02

Hi all!

I'm back with reviews for Candy Doll ^__^

This time I get the Liquid Foundation no 02. Apparently they only have in 2 tones, 01 and 02. Later on I'll share with you the Make Up Base in 01. But now let's see the Liquid Foundation in 02.

Each sachet is enough for 2x usage, and it is easily noticeable so please do use in small amount first where later you can build it up gradually.

At first I was really in doubt since the tone is too yellow and dark for me, but after keep spreading it well and with the help of a brush the tone gradually follows my natural skin tone. On the left picture above the color starts to blends in and between my body and face the tone become even :)

Here's some details from

Get used to natural skin roughness and redness pretty firmly to hide, Semi freckles, and scars of pores, from the village and not be smeared easily Suru~tsu
(Containing hyaluronic acid and ceramide), show us also prepare your skin clean and moist decided!
KEEP without hesitation to break from the long vertical put makeup!

Three points

     cover pores and redness to a firm with a thin
     simple beautiful village with a texture rather than a good stretch!
     prepare the determined beauty ingredients and moist! Vertical Kusma not keep wearing over time

Mind the language =^__^= since I use Google Translation and some 'slanks' are not translated heehee


The texture is a like a rich liquid, it is a liquid alright but rich and can blend well in a clean moisturized face. You can use your finger or brush, I find the brush does a better job than fingers.  And the "After" look is thorough, no more fine lines, visible pores and the skin looks luminously even. It stays with me whole day long. I don't find it melting during hot days but just in case you have a really oily skin, use oil blotters and do touch up when needed.

I use loose powder on top of the liquid foundation and I don't need more layer of base. Overall I think the product is quite good, they do only offer very limited color choices but can adjust to your natural skin tone gradually. It does gives me a fairer look and no more redness visible. Suitable for those who are looking for a light liquid with a bit of rich feeling and very well coverage. Blend-able and easily build up for a more 'heavy duty' makeup.

Thank you Candy Doll Singapore ^__^ for the products and you for reading it :) see you!

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